5 Trendy Diamond Jewelry Items That's Subtle for Work

When you are choosing the appropriate look for your workplace on a daily basis, do you have enough time to choose the right jewelry to accessorize your look? With so many choices, not only is it difficult to choose each morning but not all pieces of jewelry are apt for the workplace. So, let us simplify morning dressing for work ritual with our top 5 trendy diamond jewelry items that add just the right touch of elegance and professionalism while allowing you to make a personal statement.

Top 5 Diamond Jewelry Items for Office Wear

Here are some of the most subtle and appropriate diamond jewelry pieces that you can wear to work on a daily basis or matched with your outfit for the day.

1. Solitaire Diamond Pendant

If you are thinking of diamonds, you must be already have considered solitaire diamonds. Solitaire diamond pendants have one large diamond as the centerpiece. They can be made of various types of metals, like white or yellow gold or sterling silver. The solitaire is a timeless style and ideally worn with a short chain, such that the gemstone sits perfectly between the collar bones, just below the hollow of your neck. Regardless of your profession, this is one jewelry item that you can’t go wrong with. It is elegant, sophisticated, and subtle. You can also choose solitaire diamond pendants in various designs, such as cross or heart-shaped pendants, which allow you to display more about your personality. These pendants work as well with uniforms as they do with formal wear.

2. Small Diamond Hoops

It is obvious that women cannot wear large hoops and danglers to work, unless they are in a creative profession, such as working in the field of entertainment, fashion, or art. For all the others who want to express themselves beyond the usual stud earrings, small, earlobe-hugging diamond hoop earrings can work brilliantly. These are also available in multiple metals, such as white gold and sterling silver. You can also choose hoops with gemstones to add a subtle touch of color. If they are small enough, you can consider pairing them with a solitaire or cross diamond pendant.

3. Diamond Bolo Bracelet

If you are in a profession where you can wear jewelry on your wrist, then consider a diamond bolo bracelet. They are light, slim, and sophisticated. With a clasp similar to that of a bolo tie, they are easy to slip on and off. The unique clasp with the pulley system for fastening in this diamond jewelry on your wrist also helps to loosen or tighten it up based on your comfort at work. You can choose from a wide range of designs too.  They also come with cross and solitaire diamond elements in the center of the bracelet, making them perfect to be matched with both diamond cross pendants and solitaire pendants as a set.

4. Cross Diamond Pendants

When you buy a diamond cross pendant, you already know how very versatile the design. However, wearing something spiritual like a cross pendant at the workplace can be a great way to keep your morale up, especially if you are in a difficult profession, such as healthcare. Cross diamond pendants also come in various designs, so you can even make a style statement with them. Choose from three-dimensional curved stylish designs if you want to go for a more contemporary option.

5. Heart Diamond Earrings

If you’ve chosen a diamond cross pendant shaped like a cross within a heart, how about pairing it with heart diamond earrings? These earrings are small enough to be worn to most places of work and they look great even with medical scrubs or regular uniforms of various professions. When we say hearts, we mean stylishly designed hearts with a cluster of small diamonds but not restricted to them.

So, go ahead and buy cross pendants and other diamond jewelry online for the perfect workwear accessories. Make sure to check that the retailer offers certified diamonds and gemstones and easy returns, in case you are unhappy with the piece.

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