5 Fabulous Earrings Tips for Women in 2021

There’s no one right way to style your look with jewelry. A casual yet chic way is layering. The English supermodel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is frequently photographed sporting her go-to layered necklaces. She pairs delicate pieces with casual wear. Similarly, try layering other jewelry pieces, including rings and bracelets. Contrast statement diamond dangler earrings with a delicate bolo bracelet or choose a subtle necklace with chunky cuffs. The key to being fashionable is experimenting till you find a look that you are comfortable and confident in!

Here are 5 other must-try tips to style jewelry like a celeb.

1. Make a Statement

This is where the infamous “less is more” tip comes in. Say, you buy a stunning pair of diamond chandelier dangler earrings for women. Flaunt it with a slip dress while keeping the other jewelry pieces minimal to none. Don’t let them eclipse the glamor of those marvelous earrings. Likewise, a bold gemstone necklace can rock an all-denim look. Tune your makeup such that it saves the limelight for your statement jewelry. Go with bold eyes or bold lips and you’re done.

2. Pick Your Earrings Wisely

It’s the swing of those diamond dangler earrings or the poise of those classy hoops that’ll draw attention to your face. They’re in the field of vision when someone speaks to you. So, choosing the pair well can leave a lasting impression on whoever you meet. Just tick off whether your earrings:

  • Frame your face (like long sharp designs for a round face and vice-versa).
  • Complement your skin tone, eye color, and hair with colored gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, and more.

If you have long hair that you let cascade down often, choose a metal shade and finish contrasting your hair color.

3. Say “Yes” to Adjustable Jewelry

Fashion is all about comfort. And comfort comes with getting your fit right. If you’re picking a plus-size diamond pendant necklace, make sure it’s adjustable. Then hang it lower to highlight a plunging neckline or lift it to draw attention to a sweetheart neckline. You’d also love adjustable rings that you can squeeze to fit your fingers perfectly. Similarly, you can wear bangles and bracelets extra loose or snug on your wrist, as per your look. So, the key is adjustable jewelry.

1. Go by the Occasion

Keep in mind the occasion and pick your jewelry accordingly. Here are some quick tips:

  • Stud earrings work well in an office setting. If it’s less conservative, bring on those minimalistic hoops. You may try larger earrings with some shimmer and sophistication like diamond dangler earrings in a creative environment. Leave noisy jewelry out, so you don’t jingle and jangle while walking into the room.
  • For formal events, stunning gemstone danglers with a tight updo can enhance your jawline. A statement bracelet can add the final classy touch.
  • Sport those gorgeous chandelier earrings with a huge cocktail ring to steal the show at a party.

2. Bejewel the Fantasy Princess in You

Pamper yourself with unique fantasy designs, fashioned by the top jewelry designers. Check out all those Disney-themed fashion jewelry. Who knows? You may find a Cinderella ring modeled after her glass slipper or Aladdin’s earrings with the special feather from his hat! Flaunt such extraordinary jewelry with a sweeping gown and stun your admirers.

A final tip! Choose the jewelry that takes your style quotient a notch higher. Remember to buy it from a trusted online store that offers certificates of authenticity for the gemstones.

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