10 Types of Jackets That Every Woman Should Know About

Jackets for women have now evolved towards including multifarious styles, patterns, and types. If you want to buy jackets online, then you should know more about the various types that are available these days for women. While jackets are utilitarian choices that enable greater comfort and warmth, they come in diverse types that may confuse you otherwise. Here is looking at the jacket types that you should add to your personal collection.

Different Types of Jackets for Women

Here are the unique jackets online that you can purchase for diverse occasions and purposes:

  • Trench Coats- These are some of the most popular jackets online that you can opt for. These coats not only enable a more elegant and sophisticated appearance, but also enable greater warmth in cooler climes. Many of these jackets are also waterproof and they are suitable for the monsoon season. You may wear them over your sweaters and other winter garments, while pairing them up with anything you wish. You may have a pair of boots and a tote bag with a trench coat and the look is completed with aplomb. Some of the colour options that you can choose include red, orange, yellow, and more.
  • Leather Jackets- These jackets for women are useful for those scenarios where people wish to stand out with a striking yet casual outfit. You can slip on these leather jackets in several versions, and they come in open, buttoned, zipped, and belted types as well. Black is a good option while other choices include grey, red, and brown. Nothing matches up to a classic leather jacket really!
  • Denim Jackets- Some of the most popular jackets for women, they may be paired with shirts, jeans, gowns, dresses, and more. They may also come in the cropped, sleeveless, and light washed styles.
  • Bomber Jackets- Jackets in this pattern are also perceived as chic and cool options while also maintaining a certain feminine appeal of their own. You can wear them with ripped jeans, pencil skirts, shorts, and maxi skirts.
  • Quilted Jackets- Quilted jackets make for enchanting options if you wish to keep yourself comfortable while flaunting an appealing look. They are helpful in the fall and winters alike. These jackets have transformed into immensely fashionable options over the last few years.
  • Cashmere or Wool Jackets- Wool and cashmere are excellent choices for jackets which will keep you snug and comfortable in the colder months. They also look charming with almost any outfit.
  • Overcoats- Overcoats are winter avatars of trench coats and are appealing, classy, and have ample thickness to safeguard wearers from chilly winters. Not only are they some of the top outerwear options that you can opt for, but you can wear anything with them, including ankle-length boots and woollen scarves. You will find them in several types and wear them with leather boots and gloves alike.
  • Faux-Fur Jackets- These jackets are feminine and elegant, while adding a whole new dimension to your look. You may opt for blush and pink-related shades along with colours like white, yellow, wine-red, and more. They are classy options for parties and evening outings in the winter.
  • Evening Coats- Falling in love with these coats is quite natural. They are fashionable in the current scenario while you can choose anything from tweed jackets to velvety blazers and even sequined overcoats. You may opt for a coat that seamlessly blends into the look or neatly contrasts with the same. A blazer in a signature shade of black is always a reliable choice that will always make you stand out on any occasion.
  • Puffy Jackets- Owning a puffy jacket is necessary for every woman. You may choose oversized jackets for women in this category or even off-shoulder options. Several top designers have released their own interpretations of these jackets in recent times, including full-sleeves, sleeves cuffed at your hands, and more.


Now that you have an idea of the top types of jackets that you should add to your wardrobe, you should make sure that take your time while you buy jackets online. Make a note of the size, material, colour, and overall look and it should be coordinated with your fashion tastes and preferences. Layering is always a good option to ace the winter look. You may also opt for jackets with belts if you have an apple body type. Trench coats work best for hourglass shapes while cropped puffer jackets are suitable for pear-shaped bodies. Longer overcoats are suitable for inverted triangle body types and rectangle body shapes go well with jackets that are belted.

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