Work with reputed textile consultants in India to design a seamless operational process

India is a large textile producers in the world and has a number of prestigious milestones in the field of Textiles.

  • India is the world’s second-largest cotton producer and the world’s highest consumer.
  • India is the world’s second-largest producer of silk, polyester and yarn and the fifth largest exporter of textile and apparel.
  • Even within the country, textiles provide 12% of the nation’s exports and is the second-highest employment producer.

These statistics show the value and the market of the textile industry, which has the potential to be both an export-oriented industry as well as a good source of employment.

The world of textile consultants and what they do

Textile consultants in India help textile companies produce high-quality fibres and manufacture the right garments from them.

One of the key know-how provided by textile consultants is using the right kind of fibre, and this factor alone determines the conversion from fibre to fabric and impacts the final quality. 

There are also different sectors in the textile industry, and they are the sectors of woven fabric, technical textiles, knitted fabrics and articles, home textiles, yarn and thread and textile finishing.

Textile consultancy services cover all aspects of the textile industry for designing a seamless operation and includes the following critical services

  • Detailed market research,
  • Plant setup,
  • Funding for textile manufacturing projects,
  • Machinery sourcing, procurement and installation,
  • Licenses and certification for various standards,
  • Packaging and distribution.
  • Design and documentation of standard operating procedures at all stages of manufacture and marketing

Other specialised services in textile consulting also involve the integration of the documented SOPs with ERP (Enterprise resource Programming) systems that are the standard operating systems in most manufacturing units. There is franchise consulting, process audit and training also involved. The entire textile consultancy project is a complete package that comes with all these operations to help design a seamless operational process.  

A Textile consultant specialising in manufacturing will provide knowhow and complete details for operations as diverse as spinning mills, weaving mills, process house-bleaching/ dyeing, printing and yarn dyeing. There are specialised textile consultants in India who provide all kinds of services for manufacturing, retail sale and export of denims, home textiles and bed linen for export to US markets.

Textile consultancy has been proven to achieve at least 6-7% savings as well as improvement indirect expenses. In addition, textile consultancy shows the way to improve production, yield, reduction in breakdowns, and improvement in quality and cost savings.

A high amount of technology has gone into textile manufacturing, and selecting the correct yarn is just the first step. 

  • Even for knitting machines, textile consultants will advise using tricot machines, raschel machines, double-needle bar raschels, lace machines or warping machines for warp knitting.
  • Technical textiles involve the use of weft insertion machines and composite machines.
  • Even warp preparation requires the use of beaming machines, direct warpers, sectional warpers, warp sampling machines, sizing and assembly machines, creels and indigo dyeing units.

This vast field is an indication of how big and massive the world of textile industry and manufacturing is. A whole branch of engineering is dedicated to textiles and textile manufacturing equipment. It is worthwhile to hire good all-around textile consultants in India to get the expertise and the deep knowledge required in this field. So whether entrepreneurs are designing a new company, revamping an existing one or looking to entire niche textile products and markets, a reputed textile consultant is the best companion to carry along for the road ahead.

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