Why You Must Have a Plagiarism Checker

Academic dishonesty has serious consequences. It can lead to failed grades or course and suspension from the university. These can sustain a negative impact on your future. Other professionals like legal experts, publishers, freelancers, bloggers and SEO agencies might also commit unintentional plagiarism. It has the potential to ruin your reputation and dismiss you from your current job. Regardless of the intention, duplicity has a major outcome.

Therefore, it is crucial to install a plagiarism checking tool. The most efficient one is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Here’s a look at how it can help present unique content.

Benefits of a Plagiarism Checker

The top-notch anti-plagiarism tool is fast, accurate and automated. It can detect all identical, paraphrased and similar content within a minimal time. The tool comes with high-end features to spot even the most minute duplicate content.

Here are the other advantages:

  • It gets smarter with every new cheating technique invented. For example, ‘character replacement’ or ‘white ink’ methods.
  • All data is stored in a cloud using military-grade 256-bit encryption and SSL connection. This allows easy access for users.
  • Multi-layered and extensive search capabilities cross-check your work against billions and trillions of sources online. These include private database, academic journals and web pages which are not public on the internet.
  • The plagiarism software offers a comprehensive report. Users can see all results like similarity matches, word-to-word text matches, maps and figures, statistics and copied sources along with the original matter. This is presented in an easy to read and understand format.
  • The report can be easily downloaded and shared with friends and colleagues. A unique URL is created to access the scanned result.
  • The similarity checker can work with multiple Unicode languages. These include Spanish, German and French. You can also check Asiatic characters like Hindi.
  • Numerous integrations are available for uses including Google docs, MS Word and Learning Management Systems like Moodle and Canvas.

How to Use the Plagiarism Checker

The first step is to seamlessly integrate your system with the fast and reliable plagiarism API. This works easily with the ready-to-use code. Now you will be regularly updated in case of plagiarized content that you should be aware of. This way users always know if the text is completely original and is not being used without permission.

Users have to upload the files on the official website. This can be done from Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. All kinds of formats like HTML, TXT, PDF, Doc, RTF, PPT, PPTX, ODT, PPSX, DOCX and CHM are accepted. You can also work with images in jpg, jpeg, BMP and png format.

Further, you can also scan physical content with the help of OCR technology. All you have to do is click a photo and upload the same on the software. This can be done from any device like smartphones and laptops.

The best plagiarism scanner comes with multiple features and capabilities to suit business and educational needs. This makes scanning and checking documents for identical work much easier than the time-consuming manual hassle.

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