Why should you be using file compare tools?

Comparing a document is a tedious task when done manually, which is why good software is much needed. There are many online tools available which you can use to make a comparison. Such tools mainly offer two features:

  1. Compare – This feature is to check the difference between the two uploaded documents.
  2. Merge – In addition to comparing features, many software also offers a merge feature that allows you to merge two documents in the base document to create a final combined document. The software merges both identical and non-identical content into one document file.

Such file compare software also offers a built-in text editor, which allows the users to edit the document and save the changes. Some of the tools also allow you to compare more than two files and support all the plain text documents in the numerous formats of DOC, DOCX, HTML, XML, RTF, etc.

1. Copyleaks – This is software where you can compare side-by-side any document. The tool quickly highlights the differences between the uploaded two files. The tool is very reliable and covers all the document formats so that you don’t have to worry about converting it while conducting a comparison using Copyleaks. The tool effectively checks for duplicate text between two documents using Artificial intelligence.

It also works as a code plagiarism checker and can find codes that are copied from the sources present on the internet.

2. DiffMerge – It is another comparison software where a user can compare two files with ease. You can get the line-by-line analysis of the documents uploaded with the help of the tool. It is also portable and lightweight. The software is available for free, and it compare texts files in a split window. The non-identical content is highlighted in red color, and the number of changes in both the documents is given below its interface.

One of the tools’ best features is its Open file merge, which opens three split windows to see the changes in three documents simultaneously.

3. ExamDiff – ExamDiff is another free document that compares software that allows you to compare two split screens. The tool displays the changes by line numbers in the documents. The tool also allows the users to navigate between previous to next changes. The differences are shown at the bottom of the tool’s interface.

The tool is very powerful and allows you to edit documents. You can again compare the edited files with the help of tools. Users can also benefit from other features like view documents separately, save UNIX diff files to compare them in the future, etc. The tool supports different formats like DOC, DOCX, RTF, PDF, etc.

Above are a few of the best file compare tools that will help you compare two files with ease. File compare tools make your difficult task of comparison easy and smooth.

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