What is your best solution for ongoing home water needs?

Do you have ongoing water requirements at home? Every household requires a sizable amount of water on a regular basis for consumption by individuals staying at the residence, cooking and other purposes. As a result, access is needed to sources of clean, pure and healthy drinking water which boosts the system while ensuring the utmost hygiene and safety at all times. Now, in several parts of the country, households are often deprived of access to clean and pure water sources owing to a variety of reasons. These reasons may or may not be in your control as well. What do you do in this scenario? You should have a clean water solution for ongoing requirements at home but where do you find the perfect option?

The answer lies in the innovatively tailored 20 litre water can from the house of Bisleri. This is convenient to use for households on an ongoing basis while coming with the more hygienic and convenient push tap and stand functionality. It is ideal for the home or workplace and the best part is that the price point is quite accessible and affordable for almost everyone. Add to that the stringent emphasis put by Bisleri upon water quality and hygiene and you get the picture. This is the best possible solution that you can avail for meeting ongoing water requirements without breaking into a sweat by all means!

Bisleri understands the ongoing and comprehensive water requirements of households. As a result, the 20 litre water can will take care of the needs of 4-5 individuals with ease on a regular basis and it can be stored safely and conveniently as well. An unopened can will naturally last a long time, should you keep it away from chemicals and direct sunlight. Keep in a cool place and it will last you for some time, should you look to opt for multiple cans in order to meet ongoing needs for a longer duration. It is also conveniently available; you can find the 20 litre water can from Bisleri in almost every part of the country without any hassles whatsoever.

Bisleri also carries out tests extensively for its products including the 20 litre water can. 11 tests are done post every quarter for assessing the chemical, sensorial and microbiological attributes of raw water. 7 tests are held in relation to the color and taste of water while four tests enable detection of the type and number of micro-organisms contained in raw water. Prior to any manufacturing unit being approved, these tests are done on source water likewise. Ozonation is done for raw material in an attempt to lower microbial load. The test measures the ozone concentration in source water. It is done on a regular basis. Two tests are done weekly for tracking and controlling micro-organisms in the sand filter outlet. There is a test for measuring ozone concentration here on a daily basis. Numerous other tests cover the carbon filter outlet, iodine value, coliforms, plant count, labeling, bottle and cap condition, date coding, BIS standard adherence, capacity, strength, pet leaching and residues.

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