The Significance of Smart Farming

Farming is the thing which plays a crucial role in the economy of any country. However, the development is affecting the farmers by occupying large pieces of land. Lesser the land smaller the production which becomes a hurdle for the farmer in order to fulfil the market requirement. Again, it is not the only obstacle he faces. The weather issues, availability of resources and most importantly the workforce also affect the farming in the respective ways.

To overcome such difficulties, a new solution to smart farming has been introduced which is beneficial in all the senses. Haven’t heard of this term yet? Don’t worry, here are some basics of smart farming which apparently explains the significance of smart farming.

Smart farming is nothing but a new technique of agribusiness using the latest technology and the optimum utilisation of resources. This leads to increase the quality as well as the quantity of the product. Today, most of the farmers are having modern technology and supportive instruments. Smart farming includes the same, and the precise results are provided to the farmers which further help them to manage the rest farming activities accordingly.

Now, what is the significance of smart farming? Here are highlights-

  • Modern technology is used which simplifies the complicated processes
  • Data is collected by sensors directly from the field, going deep to the necessary levels
  • Use of drones makes it easy to get the bird’s eye view of the entire farm
  • The aerial photos help to which part of the field needs to be taken care of critically
  • The MIS or management information system pulls the data from the repository and analyses it in order to generate a report
  • The internet of things which are necessary for farming such as robotics, water management etc., make the entire process convenient
  • The robotics and drones also use farmers with multiple operations such as cultivation, pesticides, fertilisers, crop rotation, warehousing, and so on

The use of modern technology and real-time reports have brought revolution to the overall agriculture industry. The processes that were time-consuming have become fast, and the production has improved in terms of both quality as well as quantity. The farmers don’t need to be dependent on the weather conditions and the mercy of God. They’re now able to produce the precise amount of the required products. The supply chain works better, and the delivery of the order is made on time irrespective of the hurdles.

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