Super Simple Steps to Create Engaging SEO Content

Search engine optimization is the only way to ensure that your website ranks among the top search results. This is a great way to attract relevant traffic and drive revenue. So, to reach a wider audience, SEO is indispensable. Google is constantly updating its algorithms. It is prioritizing more audience-focused information, rather than keyword stuffed articles. This makes it all the more important to tweak your SEO strategies from time to time.

However, you do not need to have years of experience or in-depth knowledge of these techniques. If you are relatively new in the marketing field, here are a few ways to build strong SEO. These can help drive the desired traffic to your landing page.

Write for Your Audience

Your SEO content must answer the most common questions asked by your target audience. It shouldn’t only push your products and services. Rather, the topics must be unique yet rooted to your industry. Informative pieces become way more relatable and keep your audience hooked till the end. Conduct surveys to get a better picture of your website’s visitors and produce blog posts accordingly.

Keyword Research

Suppose you wish to rank for Texas Travel and Tourism. Now, start keyword mapping, which is a research driven process, to know if a particular phrase is an ideal fit for your article. Look up the search volume and ensure the target keyword describes your business well. Start with low competitive keywords and move to the higher ones. Also, check out the terms that people generally use to search for travel information. Include them thoughtfully and avoid keyword stuffing.

Content Promotion

To improve the visibility of your SEO content, consider posting them on social media. Facebook and Twitter are the most effective platforms. Don’t forget to include calls-to-action and share buttons. Social shares are powerful ways to improve chances of conversion. Also, ensure both internal and external link building to your content to increase page rank.

Avoid Plagiarism

The piece of content must not include any duplicate work from the internet. Plagiarism could severely affect your rank on Google. In the worst case, your page might be blacklisted by Google, which could result in losing 95% of the organic traffic and revenue. You might also be subjected to lawsuits from the original authors. Therefore, create fresh content with genuine ideas. You can support your work with existing evidences later. In the end, make sure to run your articles through a plagiarism checker. Pick one that is equipped with extensive search capabilities for optimal results.

Write on Trending Topics

This is a stellar content strategy to increase visitors to your page. Although it might not be a long-term traffic solution, you can expect a sudden surge. For example, write about the COVID vaccine, Brexit or the highlights of the American presidential elections, could draw more attention. However, check if it is relevant to your niche audience, adds value to their reading experience and is relatable to your brand.

You do not have to be an SEO wizard to see fruitful results. Keep track of the newest trends and take mindful steps. Keeping the little details in mind can help you stay on top of the Google search results pages.

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