Clean Drinking Water Woes? We got you!

Getting delivery of water, if you’re using an external source of water supply can be problematic unless you have the right supplier. Since drinking water is of crucial importance ontime, reliable deliveries are very important.

Ideally, the delivery source should be close to wherever you are located. There are 2 advantages to this: quicker delivery and the supplier knows that the buyer is close to him, and delivery would be easy.

The other benefit of having a water supplier near me is that someone can go and see when the delivery would be made if there is a delay. If the supplier is far away, that would not be possible and is definitely not desirable.

However, having a water supplier near me has certain conditions that the supplier must fulfil. The first is reliability. This means that the supplier always maintains sufficient stocks of water. If he does not, then there may be a delay, and this is something that causes serious issues sometimes. A supplier who maintains sufficient stocks can be relied upon for instant delivery. Water is something that cannot wait. Therefore it is essential to visit the supplier and see what sort of stocks e does maintain. The second thing is to see what brands he carries. Whether he has water from dubious sources. This is a warning signal and should be carefully looked into. The supplier must have the best brands. For example, you want to buy Bisleri and want this brand only. The water supplier must stock this brand near me, and the bottles or cans should be company sealed. The reason is that company sealed containers are guaranteed to have genuine mineral water. Since there is a lot of refilled tap water being sold as mineral water, this needs to be checked thoroughly, even when taking delivery.

The third and important criterion is the delivery system. Does the supplier have a mini truck to deliver water? This is important because delivery using vehicles is quicker and easier. If, however, the supplier has people who deliver by bicycle or some sort of manually driven apparatus, then deliveries might be a problem. Ideally, the water supplier near me must have motorised delivery vehicles. Several Cans of water can be delivered safely and quickly using motorised transport. This ensures that the water gets to you quickly.

Generally, water suppliers try and deliver on time, but there are issues with labour. If he has only one or two people working for him, then absenteeism can completely disrupt his deliveries. And this is not desirable at all. Having enough manpower is essential for smooth service. Therefore check to see if the water supplier near me has enough staff on his payroll.

One of the important things, when items such as drinking water is concerned is storage. It is necessary that the supplier stores the water containers in a clean and properly maintained place. This removes the risk of contamination to the outside of the container, which can then affect the user. Generally, good brands like Bisleri seal there containers extremely well, but bad storage can do damage. Therefore proper storage is essential. It is absolutely necessary to check that. It is important to check to see the supplier’s reputation. If he has a reputation for delivering dubious water, it is best to check to see whether the water you want is not of the dubious sort. Once all these criteria are met, the water supplier near me can be given the business.

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