How to fix a noisy door hinge without opening it?

The squeaky noise on the door can be really annoying and irritating. You may try a lot of methods to fix it but eventually nothing works and the sound comes back. The noise can sometimes drive you insane and it is really difficult to get rid of it.

Now you can’t even help it as it your front door and it really becomes hard to ignore it or even neglect it. There are some quick home remedies for it though which will clearly fix your problem and even try to make it as new as problem and at least the sound will not be there. It may not last for a longer period of time but for a shorter amount of time you can fix the door and even get rid of the annoying sound of the door.

Now, these are really easy and convenient steps but sometimes we are so busy that we don’t get time to even take these small and petty measures. All you need is oil and some time to put it correctly on the door. It will cure the door for some days and till then you can think of a permanent solution. Door hinge lubricant is really important; therefore, you should definitely take care of it.

  • You can try and lubricant the hinge pin without trying to actually remove it. Try and lubricant the door before you try removing the hinge pin from the door. A problem which you will face here is that you won’t be able to spray or put enough oil into the hinge pin without actually removing the door. Therefore if possible try and use some silicon based blaster spray to put on the hinge as that helps in stopping the annoying noise coming from the door.
  • Another major thing that you can do is remove the hinge pin with a help of a hammer. It may sound difficult and weird but this works, take a hammer and punch a nail into it. The nail will stay there only till the time you are doing the door hinge lubricant.
  • Once you have successfully done these two steps then the final step is the coating step. So when you are done with these just coat your hinge pins in white grease so this will keep your door away from rust. This is the most important and crucial step.
  • Then when you are done with the third step too put all your pins back into the hinge. You can get rid off the pins with the help of the hammer.

Once you are done with these steps check the door if it is making any further noise and if it still making the annoying noise then know that you haven’t applied the correct amount of oil.

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