How to Avoid Plagiarism While Writing an Essay

Plagiarism is nothing less than an academic offence. It was found that 54% students plagiarize content from the internet and 74% indulge in serious cheating, according to a survey published in Education Week. Handling such a huge amount of unethical content becomes quite a challenge for teachers. However, with advancements in technology, free essay checkers have come to the rescue, quickly identifying copied content.

Due to their efficiency and seamless operation, these plagiarism checkers are used widely by educational institutions and other organizations. There is no way one can get away with content theft anymore. So, to avoid getting flagged for plagiarism, follow these simple steps.

1. Use a Plagiarism Checker

When deadlines are looming, you are under pressure to get the essay completed quickly. This increases the chances of plagiarism. Turn to the free essay checker tool online to avoid intellectual theft. These tools are efficient and offer comprehensive results. You can see the word count and percentage of similar work. All parts that are similar to any other source on the internet will be clearly highlighted. The search mechanism wades through millions of databases, licensed archives and even password protected journals and websites to produce the most accurate reports. Users can also compare the content in multiple unicode languages, including Asian characters. There are ample benefits offered by these checkers to ensure that your essay is completely original.

2. Add References

Determine the style of references your school, college or university follows. Chances are, only a particular format has been integrated in the grading system. Not abiding by the same can get your content flagged. Get in touch with seniors and professors if you are unsure. If your essay contains data that is common knowledge, such as the capital of the US is Washington DC, you need not provide any reference. This is because such common knowledge does not hold any copyright. However, if you are providing information like the exact number of COVID-19 cases in Illinois, do acknowledge the original source of information.

3. Use Quotations

Quotations make sure that you give credit to the original author. Insert quotation marks around any text that is copied from another source. There are two situations when quoting is acceptable: either when you want to incorporate the style of the author or when you are unable to paraphrase the information. However, be careful not to overuse this method.

4. Paraphrase

With effective free essay checkers online, you can check which part of your essay is showing up as copied. Make sure you alter the structure and the words effectively to prevent this. Rephrase the ideas in your own words, instead of only adding synonyms. Do this carefully, so that the meaning does not change. So, whether you are sharing a piece or information or a chunk of ideas, make sure to restructure properly. This will help you escape plagiarism, while maintaining your own creativity. Do not forget to add citations, since it is still not your original idea.

The best way to get rid of plagiarized content is to include personal examples and opinions. If not, plagiarism checkers are available to help you through it.

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