How Can The Ordinary Citizen Work To Reduce Causes Of Global Warming?

There is no denying that global warming is an imminent threat. Studies have shown that the Earth’s average temperature is rising and fast, too. If we don’t implement changes to curtail greenhouse gas emissions soon, the consequences could be catastrophic. But what can the ordinary citizen do to help reduce causes of global warming? There are a number of small things you can do to cut back on your personal carbon footprint, which in turn will help reduce global warming. These initiatives might seem like a drop in the bucket when compared with what governments or large corporations could do to address climate change. But think of it as paying it forward – if even just a few people make these changes, it’ll add up over time and have a positive effect on our planet. 

Travel by foot or by bicycle

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions is to travel less. This can be done by reducing the number of car trips taken, and also by choosing different modes of transportation. One good way to reduce car trips is to travel by foot or by bike. You can also choose to use public transport, carpool or take a ride-share. Whatever the mode of transport, keep in mind that it’s estimated that each mile travelled by a car contributes greatly to the rising CO2 levels effects seen in the world today. By switching to a more eco-friendly mode of travel, you’ll be making a real difference to your carbon footprint. You’ll also be benefiting your physical health by taking advantage of the health benefits of walking or cycling. 

Buy eco-friendly products

The products you buy and use on a daily basis can have a significant impact on the environment. The manufacture and disposal of these products can have a detrimental effect on the environment. In fact, many of them are responsible for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the impact your products have on the environment, you can choose to buy eco-friendly products whenever possible. By purchasing eco-friendly products, you’ll be helping to reduce to curtail the effects of rising CO2 levels as well as having a positive impact on air and water quality. This is because most of these products have been designed to minimize their carbon footprint during the production process. 

Eat less meat

A meat-based diet is responsible for a significant amount of CO2 emissions. Growth of livestock and the cultivation of feedstock for animals is a huge source of methane and nitrous oxide emissions. By switching to a more plant-based diet, you can make a real difference to your carbon footprint and to the environment as a whole. You can also try to cut back on the amount of meat you consume. If you eat meat or dairy products on a daily basis, you can make significant savings on your carbon footprint by switching to a less meat-based diet, provided you replace the lost protein with other sustainable sources of protein. 

Switch to renewable energy

If you have the option to switch to renewable sources of energy, you should consider doing so. By doing this, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While you might not be able to switch your entire home to renewable energy, you can at least switch the main energy source for your appliances. If you have the option to use renewable energy for your water heater and electric appliances, you should do so. For example, you can choose to switch from natural gas to solar power for your home. This will ensure that your home’s energy needs are met with clean, renewable energy. You can also look into other sources of renewable energy, such as wind energy, geothermal energy, and hydroelectricity. Check to see if there are any renewable energy sources available in your area. 


The sooner we start taking steps to reduce the causes of global warming, the better. We all play a part in contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing the Earth’s temperature to rise. What’s important is that we start making changes now to help reduce these emissions. Helping to reduce the causes of global warming is a responsibility that we all share. You don’t need to make dramatic changes to your lifestyle to reduce the causes of global warming. Small changes, like switching to eco-friendly products or eating less meat, can make a difference. By making these changes and educating others on the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we can make a real difference to the planet.

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