Get A Free Cibil Score From Lazypay – Get An Instant Loan – Get Your Dream Product Shipped Home!

First-time digital users or seasoned ones are taking to Lazypay now more than ever. Available on Android and iOS, Lazypay is a revolutionary pay-later finance app that provides a free CIBIL score service too. You get up to Rs. 1 lakh instant loan. After a free credit score check, your eligibility details are computed. Based on factors other than your credit score, an eligibility amount is computed. It can be Rs. 1 lakh or lower.

What are the benefits of a LazyPay loan?

Completely online

During pandemic times and post it, people want to exercise social distancing. Bank or financial institution executives coming home to get the paperwork done is not an ideal option. In fact, it is not needed and a redundant process. Interestingly, and quite surprisingly, many banks and non-banking financial institutions still follow this process.

Being a completely online process, you can complete your application via the Smartphone app. Based on your credit score, you may be required to provide additional documentation. But you will definitely have to upload your KYC details such as PAN card, AADHAR card, passport copy etc. for address, income, or personal identification. This process is completely online too.

One time approval

The approval process is just once. After you check CIBIL score, you only need to upload the relevant documents. You don’t need to re-upload these documents whenever you want to apply for a fresh loan. So this app is essentially a lifelong companion. Anytime you need money, just open the app and transact. You can also you LazyPay as your preferred payment option at popular eCommerce stores such as Flipkart, for example.

You can use this app whenever you need urgent money after getting your free CIBIL score. It could be to finance a travel plan that came up abruptly. Instead of lengthy documentation and approval processes from other personal loan providers, LazyPay approval is instant. If you need to holiday tomorrow and needs funds, you can. That’s the kind of power you have at your fingertips.

No collateral – no signatures

Traditionally, banks and financial institutions demanded some kind of collateral when disbursing a loan. This is especially true if the borrower had a below-average credit score. Banks have varying degrees of policies and checks depending on the profile of the user. Also, their respective credit departments function in a very subjective manner.

LazyPay instant loans are completely automated. The approval process, disbursal process, EMI chunking, credit score check, CIBIL report generation, eligibility check – all of these processes are automated. There is no room for subjective opinion from any person or persons. There are no obscure policies by credit departments that keep changing like seasons. That’s why the young junta love LazyPay – it offers financial freedom with a difference!


LazyPay is a clear winner in the instant loan, payday loan, and small personal loan category. With its numerous features, ease of use and highly flexible EMI schemes, LazyPay is the preferred no-documentation instant loan app. So get your free CIBIL score from LazyPay and get some money from LazyPay right away!

Download the LazyPay app, get your credit limit and enjoy making those purchases like you never have !!!

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