Finding A Bisleri Near Me Is Now Even Easier- Here's How

“Har Paani Ki Bottle Bisleri Nahi” – This means all packaged water is not from Bisleri. There are local brands who prefer riding the identity of Bisleri and sell cheap and duplicate products to the customer. Therefore, in 2018, Bisleri has taken an initiative to make its consumers alert about Bisleri products. A brand synonymous with packaged drinking water is trusted by millions of Indian households.

How can you know if the product is from Bisleri? Search Bisleri near me. Get to the store and ask the shopkeeper to get a Bisleri water. Now, check the logo of Bisleri embossed at the top and bottom of the packaged water bottle. You can also check the plant name and the manufacturing date from the patented Bisleri sticker. Retailers generally deprive the consumers of the right product to make a higher profit margin. It is important to mention to the shopkeeper that you want Bisleri water and not some mere packaged drinking water. This can be clean but not necessarily is advantageous to your health.

Now your favourite Bisleri water is available online. Here is how you can get Bisleri water easily:

  • The brand has taken an initiative as Bisleri@Doorstep to deliver packaged drinking water at every doorstep during this Covid-19 crisis in 2020.
  • You need to visit Here you can find a range of products from Bisleri.
  • Go to the product tab, and select the desired product.
  • You can also find different pack sizes according to your requirement. Bisleri water is available as a 250 ml bottle, 300ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 2 litres, 5 litres, and 20 litres. Each of these serves the consumer requirements. For example, a 250 ml bottle is best suited in a conference hall whereas a 20-litre container can serve a large family in an event.
  • Next, you need to choose a delivery plan. Here you get two options – one-time delivery and a subscription. One time delivery is for consumers who place an order for a single delivery. For daily requirements or alternate days, or once a week the consumer can buy a subscription. On subscription, he can save 5% on the MRP.
  • Finally, you pay for the product online. There are some products with cash on delivery options available. If your order is made successfully, you can relax and receive it at the doorstep. Authorized suppliers reach your doorstep to deliver the original Bisleri products.

There are a plethora of online platforms that have taken initiative to deliver Bisleri water to your doorstep. Some of them are reliable while others may fake the product and you pay the same amount for an unreliable product. This is why it becomes necessary to check if the bottle you are purchasing from a store is real. And for online purchases, make it from the company website. This ensures timely delivery and original products.

There is a huge difference between Bisleri and some other packaged water producing brands. The promise of goodness is not fulfilled by all. But it’s Bisleri who treats your water using a 10 step purification process and packages it after undergoing 114 tests. This ensures the world-class quality of the product that meets the Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS. Bisleri is a brand synonymous with mineral water brands of India. The reason behind this is the mineralisation process taken by Bisleri to add the right amount of minerals back to the treated water after Reverse Osmosis. This is because water loses all its important minerals after passing through different purification steps and reverse osmosis. Therefore, the health benefits from drinking such water are reduced. If you are searching for a mineral as well as a packaged water brand in India, check for Bisleri near meoptions.

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