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Most of us in this cosmopolitan civilization carry out a plethora of activities online. In today’s world, shopping, booking tickets for flights and trains, movies and theatres and a host of other stuff are easily available online. But, each of them have a very important drawback – the process of payment. The drawn out and repeated mode of payment not only is a drag for consumers but also is inefficient for technologically challenged people. Moreover the repeated payments make is unrealistically difficult for one to keep track of its payments. Hence the company has some innovative and user friendly ways in which one can manage one’s bills and finances without having to go through the extra hassle.

Pay Later

This is a facility which allows one to manage their bills in bulk and after a definitive amount of time without having to go through the hassle of paying each and every single time you order something or buy something. Through the pay later facility you can choose when to pay, at your own convenience. You can choose a payment cycle of a week, fifteen days, three weeks or a month, as per your own convenience. This not only saves you a lot of time but also helps you plan your finances effectively as all the money spent gets accumulated together instead of you having to look at different places to calculate your expenditure. Partner apps and websites of the company would help you avail the pay later option through which you can finally shop without the accompanying hassle.

Instant personal loans

Everyone who has taken a loan understands the hundreds of nuances that crop up along with a loan. In various cases, even after checking all the appropriate boxes one has to spend months to secure a loan. But with this app, you can avail instant personal loans, payday loans and loans for a number of other purposes like buying a bike, planning a vacation, medical emergency, and educational loan and so on and so forth. The quick loans, have in numerous cases, proved to be far more beneficial than the normally drawn out and dragging process of loan. Also the liberty to choose from a wide range of flexible EMI schemes ranging from three months to two years is another important aspect of availing this loan. Also the absence of compound interest means that you only would have to pay the interest on the amount that you actually loaned.

No cost EMI

Nowadays, after the availability of EMI schemes for shopping came into vogue, we have seen a number of shops charging exorbitant amounts of interest while giving out anything on EMI. But thanks to this company EMI has no become interest free. Now you can shop to your heart’s content and still pay whatever is due without having to incur any extra payment due to the interest which is levied during EMIs. Most of the partner sites like Amazon avail this facility which lets you to finally shop without having to worry.

The instant loans, interest free EMIs, pay later facilities are all a huge step towards easily helping consumers to avail all the prime facilities without having to go through the extra hassle or pay extra money. If you wat to be on top of your finances, this is the company for you.

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