Do Not Waste Water- How We Can Ingrain This Message Into The Minds Of People

People waste water both advertently and inadvertently. Almost all of them are aware that water is crucial for life and there is no endless stock of potable water. There are some compulsive reasons they flout rules or ethics about conserving water. Whatever may be the case, they should pay attention and remember ‘do not waste water’. These are a few things we can tell them so that they begin reversing their wasteful habit. They can use packaged drinking water bottle because that will remind them of the value of water.

The surface of the earth is 71% water and our body consists mostly of water. The people should be reminded that:

  1. Water is a limited resource and cannot be recreated: Although 71% of our earth is water, about 3 to 4 % of it is drinkable or freshwater. Out of this amount, only 1% is available free for drinking and the rest is lying in the form of ice and icebergs or glaciers. This minuscule volume of water has to sustain the lives of all humans, flora and fauna. People should be told that freshwater cannot be regenerated naturally. With the growth of population, the amount of water goes on depleting.
  2. Water is life: We need water to live our lives. It is so essential for survival. We need water not only to drink and live but we need water for our food, livestock, crops and so on. A lot of water is used by the factories and industries, a lot more for washing things like roads, buildings, cattle, humans, etc. a lot of water flows down the drain. People should be asked how they think they will survive with the current rate of wastage of water.
  3. Wastage of water affects the price and value of other commodities: Some commodities will be scarce due to lack of water because they need water for survival. Consequently, these commodities will be expensive.
  4. It is a measure of the reduction of cost: People should know that the less water they waste, the more water they have for essential services at home or factories, schools, hospitals and so on. Conserving water means great service to society and the country. The packaged drinking water bottle ensures curtailment of water wastage.
  5. If they pay attention to conserving water, they will ensure future recreations and entertainment depending on water. There will be spas, water-parks, gardens, and so on. If there is no water, there won’t be any recreation.
  6. It helps in reducing carbon footprint. Studies have shown that water conservation reduces the production of greenhouse gases. The less we produce, the less will be greenhouse gases. We have to produce less in case we have more potable water and less wastewater. People can understand this simple analogy.
  7. We can preserve the environment if we use water with sense: The less water we humans consume or waste, the more will there be water for other living beings that are intrinsically interwoven to our lives on this globe.
  8. People should understand that the conservation of water today will be beneficial for their future progeny. The less water they waste today, the more they can feed to the coming generation. They should be reminded of their social responsibility and they will surely understand provided they are made to understand the enormity of wastage of water. Their cooperation in stopping the wastage of water should be sought. They will join others in the society to stop the practice of water wastage and will be the ambassadors of water conservation.

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