Canvas Plagiarism Checker: Why is it Essential?

Canvas is possibly the most trusted LMS in the world. Leading universities have integrated this software with their SIS to try out exciting new tools. It offers an exceptional platform for vocational training and learning initiatives, all under one roof. The entire education process is improved, with high student engagement and instructor innovation. However, even eLearning is not free of plagiarism.

Learners are tempted to modify others’ work and pass them off as original content. In fact, they can also directly copy-paste chunks of text from the internet and include in projects. It becomes extremely difficult for teachers to detect duplicate content, especially in case of bulk assignments. It is quite a laborious task and extremely time consuming to manually check for duplication.

The good news is that you can now use an artificial intelligence-based Canvas plagiarism checker. Pick one that offers several integrations that are suitable for the LMS system of your institution. Take a look at why is it essential and how it could be beneficial.

Importance of Canvas Plagiarism Checker

Teachers should check for plagiarism to prevent academic dishonesty at all levels. Cheating has become extremely rampant due to easy internet access. Further, deadlines, procrastination or lack of willingness to research pushes students to plagiarize. They simply wish to secure good grades, even if it means compromising on the learning experience. Also, many might end up with unintentional plagiarism, due to incorrect paraphrasing and quoting.

Keeping these in mind, educators must take extra precautions to ensure academic integrity. So, make the best use of a sophisticated plagiarism scanner. It will help improve the writing process, ensure proper understanding of the course and enhance students’ study skills. All you have to do is install the anti plagiarism software plugin that can assess content on the Canvas LMS application. Pick a plagiarism detection tool that is able to check all the documents in one go, without any manual monitoring.

Benefits of a Canvas Plagiarism Checker

To avoid plagiarism, choose a tool powered by AI and equipped with multi-layered and extensive search capabilities. Here are the benefits of picking such a tool.

  • The plagiarism checker works to detect identical text to provide a detailed and easy to understand similarity reports.
  • Projects are checked against billions of web pages, archives and databases, to leave zero traces of plagiarism in the work.
  • Advanced algorithms can work with over 100 languages and source codes for ease.
  • Assignment submissions can be done in multiple file formats, like doc, txt and PDF, which the plagiarism detector is compatible with.
  • It can be accessed through the user interface, which helps deal with different kinds of plagiarism, like mosaic, accidental or direct.

Further, use a checker that is fast, efficient and accurate. It quickly highlights suspicious portions for you to verify. This way, you do not have to worry about overlooking even the tiniest copied content. It will help you save the academic career of students, while improving your experience in the virtual teaching environment.

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