Brief Guide to Increase Business Using SEO in Dubai

The concept of SEO can be understood quite well, if you know the story of ‘Shoemaker and the Elves.’ When the world was busy dreaming in night, the elves (SEO experts) were passionately involved in creating fantastic shoes (a well-optimised website) to make the shoemaker (business) wealthy and rich.

Sounds like a fantasy. Well, yes! But this fantasy can be realised, if you make SEO friendly website a prime element of your digital marketing initiatives. Yes! A website is developed once, but SEO is an ongoing process that if done properly, can increase business manifold. It can give strong foundations to your ‘office on internet’ called ‘website.’ With proper link building, keyword research, curated content, and an ongoing SEO campaign, companies can draw great traction and grow their business in a great way.

The Scenario of SEO in UAE

UAE is a digital economy driven by internet. It leads the Gulf region’s digital economy with a 18% share in e-business and e-commerce.

Trends even suggest in the United Arab Emirates, average internet user between 16 to 64 age group spends 7 hours 3 minutes each day, nearly one quarter of their day on internet.

Either searching a query on search engine, or streaming video or social networking, the UAE netizens come under top twenty countries with higher time spent on the internet each day.

With such potent statistics in hand, SEO in UAE has become an unwavering force, which if channeled can be a destiny changer for your business at large. But how? You must be wondering. Here is a brief guide that can help you increase the business using organic SEO tactics.

1. Research – Every successful business is an answer to a problem consumers are facing at large. Times have changed where any question in our minds finds its way through the search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Since people are searching keywords, it is important to map their search journey through keyword research. In the SEO world, they say – ‘Think like a customer.’ Identify your buyer persona and put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself, ‘what would I type, if I have to search about my company. Will it be region specific, i.e. Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu-Dhabi. Or will it be defined by whats and hows. You can talk to your employees, or current customers in defining the probable keywords and phrases they would use to search your product / service.

The research even extends to study the competition and reviewing their websites. This can introduce you to a list of their targeted keywords. This step can broaden your keyword list, and may enable you to see what you could be missing while preparing keywords.

2. Choose keywords wisely – After completing the keyword research, the next step is to utilise them for your campaign. The ideal keyword mix features both primary keyword and long term keywords. Primary keywords are the main term targetted on a webpage. Usually, they are generally expensive to rank because it involves a lot of time to rank and has a lot of competition. Long tail keywords combine three or more words or phrases and build up a niche for your business. They are less competitive, and drive more relevant web traffic. The bonus is that they are easier to rank as well.

3. Channelise the specific targeting – Keyword mapping is an interesting activity that can help you achieve specific keyword list. Based on that, we can classify keywords and enrich them with product features, generic market segment, geo-targeting, customer interests.

4. Small term strategy works – Since SEO is an ongoing process, it is suggested to employ effective monitoring campaign that reviews the keyword performance, and maps the improvement in rankings. This proactive process begins at the planning stage of SEO process where goals / parameters are set and SEO campaign’s performance is measured accordingly. Small term strategy helps SMEs to regulate any flaws / lapses in time and work for the improved performance against set keywords.

The right digital agency in Dubai can help you achieve better rankings and sustained performance against fierce competition by following the above mentioned parameters. Their real-time SEO service and proactive action to retain rankings and traffic makes them one of the trusted SEO companies in Dubai. Trust nothing but the best while it comes to SEO because it can truly make or break your business.

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