Are you sure your work isn’t Plagiarized? Get it checked online

Online content can be of great help when it is used for inspiration purposes, but often it occurs that the process of taking inspiration turns to the act of copying the content. If you are a freelancer, then this might hamper your job. In case if you are a student, then this might cause a lot of issues in your grading and your image in front of your teachers and professors.

Why do you need to worry about plagiarism?

  • It is unethical and unprofessional

The content industry is amongst the most well managed and demanded market in the current times. With such a great hold on the media and marketing industry, there is a lot of responsibility placed on the shoulders of content writers and content management firms. In such a case, if any individual or a website writes and publishes content, which is copied or plagiarized, it would be very unethical and unprofessional. To prevent such a situation, it is necessary that you always keep track of the authenticity of your content. You can use any free plagiarism checker for students to help you in reducing the copied content and keeping your work unique. 

  • It is against the law

Along with being an unethical approach towards your work, copying content is also against the law. There are a number of rules and regulations, which have been laid down to ensure the protection of content, published by a firm, individual, website, or brand. Usually, well-flourished platforms tend to get a copyright on their work, after which if any entity is found to be copying their content, they have the authority to sue them. Copied content can get you in a lot of trouble and can lead to the payment of huge fines.  If you are a student, you might get in trouble by losing marks or even getting worse consequences for copied assignments.

  • It might be unintentional

Well, yes, this is also a very prominent possibility that you might copy the work of someone else without having an intention to do so. It often happens that you read something, and that stays in your mind. There might also be a case where you write about facts, which are universal, or definitions, which are organized in the same manner as the prior written works. In any such case, you might end up copying and thus plagiarizing content without any intention to do so.

If you are a content writer and you have also been struggling with the issues of copied and plagiarized content, then you can refer to plagiarism checkers online. If you are a student who is worried about the percentage of the copied content, then the free plagiarism checkers for students have your back. These checkers are either paid or free of cost depending upon their different packages and programs

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