All You Need to Know about Waterproofing a Bathroom

Bathrooms are becoming more and more luxurious with time. Nowadays, they are getting constructed with much care and effort. Also, bathrooms are the areas that are constantly exposed to water. Due to these reasons, employing waterproofing solutions to bathrooms is critical. No or incorrect waterproofing may result in spoilage of bathroom design and leakage in bathrooms.

Several waterproofing solutions are there to consider while waterproofing a bathroom. The first thing you need to do is consult an expert to locate areas with excessive moisture and the ones vulnerable to water. An expert can best suggest ways to correct the leaks.

Plenty of techniques fall under waterproofing solutions like filling up cracks, fixing the plumbing lines and installing the right fixtures. Waterproofing becomes easy once root cause of a leakage is identified.

Areas in the bathroom where waterproofing is prevalent

Identifying the location of the leak is very important for waterproofing. Following are the places where leaks are the most prevalent:

  • Near the shower
  • Washbasin
  • Bathtubs
  • Pipelines near walls and floors
  • Concealed water pipes
  • Tile grouts

Leakages occur because of lack of awareness regarding various techniques and not using the right products. For example, improper slope near drain results in water to collect near the outlet points adding to the leakage that leads to damp walls.

How to waterproof bathrooms?

  • The waterproofing membrane must extend to 150 mm from the wet area to the dry zone.
  • The joints between fixtures and the wall should be filled with sealant.
  • Ensure that a proper slope is built near the drain for water to flow out freely.
  • The drain near the tap joints should be sealed using a good quality sealer.
  • The tiles joints must be thin and neatly sealed.

Waterproofing solutions for an existing bathroom

If you have water leakage issues in your existing bathroom, tile joint waterproofing can be employed. Though, if you have significant water leakage issues, they must be taken seriously. Water leakage may arise due to damage in a pipeline or improper plumbing. Such conditions call for a need to redo the flooring, including tile work.

Waterproofing solutions for a new bathroom

Bathroom waterproofing is typically carried out by polymer coating before laying the tiles. After that, waterproofing of tile joints is carried out. Tile joint waterproofing is carried out by sealing it with tile grout.

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