Aligners and braces can work wonders for you to let your overbite become a thing of the past

Flashing that perfect smile is a dream for most of us. Often, finding a picture showcasing the flaws in our teeth’ structure is enough to get us contemplating the various available ways to fix them. An overbite is a common concern since it often alienates people who are conscious of how they look. That being said, with time and innovation, various tools have emerged which are helping people regain their confidence and fix their smiles.

How to spot an overbite?

Most people have a certain level of overbite, but it needs to be addressed when it begins to cause discomfort. Often caused due to factors such as genetic structure, biting of nails, pushing your tongue, etc., an overbite can be best identified by biting down and observing how much of the lower part of the teeth are suppressed by the upper section. While this can be observed by looking into the mirror, you may also visit your dentist for an accurate diagnosis.

The healing power of braces

Teeth braces are the most common and effective ways of curing an overbite. With improved research, braces are no longer heavy metal objects that cause you constant discomfort. Today, you have a range of options to choose from that can correct your overbite seamlessly and discreetly. The essential mechanism by which braces work is to apply enough pressure on your upper teeth to align with the lower section and thereby correct the overbite. The two most common types of teeth braces that are prescribed to patients include:

  • Metal braces – These are the most-used braces, wherein it is attached to the teeth and connected with the help of a wire, all made of metallic material. These have to be worn constantly and are generally smaller as well as more effective when it comes to treating an overbite.
  • Ceramic braces – Ceramic braces are the less-noticeable brethren of metal braces since they function in the same manner, although they are made of ceramic, teeth-coloured material. These have a more subtle presence and prove to be the most affordable treatment option.

Aligners to the rescue

If the idea of having braces stuck to your teeth constantly seems daunting, then aligners are your best option. These are made of clear material and can be removed as per convenience. Made of wearable material and following a custom-made protocol, aligners help users treat a marginal to moderate overbite, albeit they may be slightly ineffective in case of an extremely severe overbite. Clear aligners are especially suitable for adults who wish to correct their overbite more discreetly. They are an aesthetically pleasing treatment option and should definitely be on your list of treatment options.

Teeth braces and aligners have come a long way from what they used to be. People with an overbite no longer have to worry about wearing heavy braces in order to fix their smiles. Various companies today are offering users affordable, wearable, clear braces and aligners that effectively help fix an overbite, although the duration may depend upon the case. These options help you find the ideal teeth shape without affecting your smile in the meantime. Designed to suit the comfort of the user, you can practically bid goodbye to your overbite. That being said, it is important to consult your doctor to take into account the extent of your overbite and then pursue a treatment option. Once you zero in on the right one, all left is to let go of your insecurities and embrace your smile!

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