7 Saving Tips for Booking Hotels Online

Every aspect of life is becoming expensive because of the rising cost of living. Having recently gone through a major pandemic, all of us need a break more than ever. However, despite rising living costs, a holiday can sometimes feel indulgent at best or downright impossible at worst. Because the cost of living in Saudi Arabia has been rising since the beginning of 2021, you might be looking for travel guides and primarily hotel bookings on a budget. Do you want to cut costs wherever you can? The below 7 tips to book hotels online can help you enjoy a wonderful stay at a low price. 

  1. Always look around: The majority of people like to book their holidays time and again with the same airline or travel agent. Should you do the same thing? After all, you know what you’ll get with those same things. Technically, travel is not different from any other things that we purchase. As with car insurance and energy, it is good to shop around for the most advantageous value. To put it another way, don’t go for the first price you see when booking a hotel. Compare prices and do your research before making your final decision. If a lower price means you’re losing out on flexibility or extra perks, such as breakfast each morning, be sure to read the fine print.
  2. Free cancellations on hotel reservations: You should pay attention to cancellation offers that offer “Free cancellation – pay later”. If you have to cancel your booking, they won’t charge you. You don’t have to pay upfront when you book. Make sure to monitor the price of this reservation and the prices of similar hotels after booking. As the hotel’s availability is constantly changing, room rates fluctuate minute by minute. As soon as you have a cancelable reservation, there may be a better offer, or you may be satisfied with your current price. If you’re lucky, your rate might even drop. If you’re lucky, your rate might even drop.
  3. Call up: If you contact the hotel directly, you will know you’re getting the best deal. The reason is that online travel agencies (OTAs) and large booking sites can stop the hotels and B&Bs on their websites from showing lower prices, so-called rate-parity clauses. This can be avoided, but a way has been found that benefits both consumers and hotels. OTAs are not allowed to compete on the hotel’s website, so if you contact the hotel directly and ask for a better deal, they can’t help. However, even if they can’t offer you a discount, they might offer you freebies and perks in return for booking directly.
  4. Negotiate not to pay for upgrades: Make a reservation at a lower rate and request a free upgrade when you check in. If you are staying during an off-peak time, you will most likely be moved up to a better, vacant room. There are also many other tactics to convince the hotel to upgrade you for free. If there are no available rooms at the time of check-in, try calling a manager and mentioning that you have a special occasion. Also, if the room is not ready at check-in, you may be moved to an upgraded prepared room.
  5. Pitch your previous stay at their hotel: Staying at a chain of hotels you like and staying at their properties wherever you travel is always a good idea. Brand loyalty always wins brownie points with hotels, so choose your chain of hotels wisely. Let them know if you’ve stayed with them before, whether you were on a business trip or offsite for your company. This will likely help you to secure a better rate.
  6. Compare fares on websites: You should compare rates for the same hotel room offered by different travel agencies before booking a hotel room. This will ensure that you aren’t spending extra and that you’re getting the best deal. Some of these rates are less expensive than the ones shown on the hotel websites.
  7. Off-season travel: A trip during the off-season will allow you to save money on accommodations. If you have a hotel in mind that you would love to stay in but is out of your budget, arrange your trip during the off-season. By going at a time when they don’t have too many guests, you will get discounts and many other advantages.

It is not uncommon to spend a lot of money on accommodation when you travel to a new place. If you don’t like sleeping on anyone’s couch or in a hostel, you may have to spend a lot of money on hotel rooms. We do like hotels and resorts’ comforts, but we often have to pay for these. The better the hotel, the more expensive it is. But you are not always required to spend a fortune on hotel bookings. Above 7 hacks to book hotels online can help you save money.

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