5 reasons why an insurance broker can advise you better


The road to insurance is quite difficult to tread. There are a number of directions, ways and subways that we may or may not need to take. It gets complicated if one does not take the time to analyse and take the right decision. Fortunately, in such situations, an insurance broker comes to our rescue and brings us to the right road. Finding a good insurance broker in Dubai can be a task but once you find one, your life will be much easier.

So who is an insurance broker? An insurance broker’s expertise is more than just about insurance policies. Their training and experience focus not only on types of insurance, but also risk management. Insurance brokers help companies and individuals to get the right insurance for themselves, their businesses, home, and even family. Some brokers focus on a niche, working in a specific industry or with any one kind of insurance. While some others provide customers with advice on several insurance types. In all, insurance brokers in Dubai assist you in finding and buying the right insurance — mostly at no expense.

Many have this misconception, but an insurance broker works for you and not an insurance company. They represent you to an insurance company for the right policies according to your needs. However, as the broker does not speak for the company, he/she cannot secure the coverage on the insurance company’s behalf. Thus, they hand over your account to the insurer or an agent to complete your transaction.

Reasons an Insurance Broker advise you better

1. bjective Risk Assessments

Utilising a broker to your benefit simplifies the process of choosing insurance. There are many options, with various coverage, limits and exclusions for each policy. It is hard to know what types and levels of coverage are right for your situation. Here, an insurance broker can help. Based on their training and experience, your broker analyzes the risks and liabilities that you face. Then, with this objective risk assessment, you can logically decide what coverage you need. Private brokers attempt to understand each aspect of your coverage needs before recommending any kind of coverage solutions.

2. Range of Insurer Options

Insurance companies sell policies of their own. However, when buyers look for insurance, they assume that because they think it’s the most direct approach and therefore cheaper. While this may work with a tangible product in the market, it isn’t the same for insurance policies. Generally, a broker helps save time, considers more options and your premiums are lower.

3. Business Coverage from a Broker

Finding the right business coverage is critical. And looking around demands research, evaluation and then comparison. But while working with an insurance broker in Dubai, you get the advantage of expert skill and experience. Their expertise means they have evaluated your business with skill and are thus able to handle every aspect of your insurance coverage. They also have access to a variety of policies.

4. Accurate Policy Comparisons

Without an insurance broker’s help, researching and comparing insurance plans are boring and lengthy as you need time to analyse every option considering what you need. You also need to know what fits your pocket. Getting the wrong coverage is always a risk and thus can be expensive in the long run. Luckily, a good broker can advise you accurately and cost much less.

5. Claim Assistance

Your broker is someone who acts as your advocate during any claim settlement process. You can breathe easy when you know your advocate and even about the options you have if a claim goes awry. Dealing with insurers directly is costly and can involve lawyers and the court. A qualified professional and licensed broker acts as a backing force for you when you settle claims on your insurance policy. This also avoids any further repercussions.


Insurance brokers make it a point that you buy the appropriate insurance policies as it is in their best interests too. They have your back and eventually chase any insurance claims for you. Their impartiality allows them to match your insurance needs with the right companies, the right policies and the right premiums. Hence, having an insurance broker gives you peace of mind.

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