4 Exercises You Can Do with A 20 Litre Water Bottle

If you have been struggling with adhering to a workout routine and failing at it, well, you are not alone. As many as 63% of people who start a new workout fail to stick to it for more than a month, as per a study. This is primarily because most of the workouts people choose to require them to step outside their home at an ungodly hour or require them to set aside a specific time at home to complete their workouts. This results in them often skipping their exercise schedule owing to lack of time or inclination.

However, when you are able to exercise in between your regular chores, using simple tools at home, such as a 20 litre water bottle that can be purchased online for doorstep delivery, your workout commitment can be a lot easier to meet. You can do such exercises within the confines at your home, in between cooking, working the washing machine, watching TV and so on. Since consistency is the key when it comes to finding success with exercises and workouts, this kind of convenience and flexibility can become a game changer for those struggling to workout regularly.

Here are 4 simple but effective exercises you can do with a 20-litre water bottle.

Chest press:

Love the feeling you get after lifting heavy weights while doing a chest press in the gym? But hate waiting for the crowd to clear to access your favourite workout equipment? Well, you can now do high-impact chest press at home, right in your living room. What’s best, depending on your endurance levels, you can opt for a fully filled 20 litre water bottle, or one that is half filled and so on

Lie down on a mat, bend your knees so that the kneecaps are facing upwards, and rest your elbows on the ground. Hold the 20-litre water bottle horizontally between your palms at the chest level.

Lift it up by raising your arms to the fullest, and then back down towards your chest. Match the rhythm to your breath, inhaling when your hands go up, and exhaling when your hands come down.

All the while, make sure your head remains touched to the ground.

Overhead shoulder press

Another effective upper body exercise you can do using a 20-litre water bottle is the overhead shoulder press. Stand keeping a comfortable, minimum distance between your legs. Next, hold the 20-litre water bottle horizontally with your hands, supporting it with your palms.

Make sure your arms are close to your body and the bottle is just below your chin when you are holding it down. Then, raise your hands up to the fullest, pushing the bottle above your head. Make sure you maintain an erect posture, and that your arms don’t go outwards but remain close to your body.

Single arm squats

There are two kinds of people – people who can squat and people who cannot. And often, this is the only distinction between fit people. So, if you are looking to up your squat game, a 20-litre water bottle can help take your squat strength to the next level.

Keep moderate distance between your legs. Raise your left arm straight in front of you, slightly inclined and above the shoulder level. Balance the 20-litre water bottle on your right shoulder in a sleeping position by holding it with your right hand. Now, squat.

The bottle weight will ensure your squats are a lot more effective and powerful.

Mountain climber

Another powerful lower body exercise is the mountain climber. Lay out the 20-litre water bottle in front of you horizontally, on a mat. Stretch your full body with your back facing the ceiling and your stomach facing the mat. Place your hands on the bottle, close to the outer edges.

Then, raise your body, with only your toes touching the ground. Lift your left leg and bend it at knee level, moving your thigh and the entire bent leg to form a 90 degree. Then bring it back to the rest position. Repeat the same with your right leg.

Start with one set of 20 and include more sets as your strength goes up over a period.


There are as many as 20+ exercises than you can do with a 20-litre water bottle. In fact, you can do most exercises that require weights or dumbbells with these handy 20 litre water bottle at home. The best part is that you don’t have to invest in bottles of varied weights, since you can simply adjust the water levels.

The best part? A 20 litre water bottle also takes of your healthy and safe drinking water needs. This is especially important when you consider the high TDS levels in other drinking water, the harmful effects of RO water in case of home purifiers, and the limited impact of boiling water on addressing contaminants.

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