Top 10 Worst Things About Planning a Destination Wedding

Do you want a different wedding? Do you think of getting married on the beach, on top of a huge building, or at an Italian villa? If yes, it would require an extensive planning. A destination wedding brings about a whole party of wedding woes. So, it is best to know about all the miseries to get prepared before planning a destination wedding.

Below are the top 10 worst things about planning a destination wedding:

You will get many no RSVPs. It is a bummer when you plan a destination wedding, and all of your friends can’t make for the trip. Know that it is mostly about their budgets and work schedule.

When you choose a more convenient all-in-one wedding package, you may not be able to get that special wedding cake you want for your wedding and had to do with whatever they offer. If you have a certain look in your mind for your wedding, it is best to hire a wedding planner who has experience.

Not seeing your venue before the big day can be a significant risk. You may have to book it without seeing it first that may lead to nightmares. Seeing multiple photos of the venue will let you know about the lighting, the layout, and quirks about the space, though looking at it in person is a different thing.

Packing for a regular trip is bad enough, think about packing for your wedding, it could be a nightmare. You have to get your shoes, accessories, wedding dress, and everything else to the destination at once as there is no quick trip back home to get something. Starting early has many benefits in this case.

Marriage laws are different in different countries, so do your homework from before. Search for an acceptable officiant and make your destination wedding more symbolic.

Finding the exact hotel block space for your guests is hard. When looking for the best group accommodations, it is easier to book a complete hotel room block.

Booking a makeup person in a different country can be tedious. In such a situation, it is best to keep someone local by your side. It would be beneficial for the whole wedding event. Also better to schedule hair and makeup trials once you arrive at the destination.

Making sure all of your friends and family members make it to the destination is crucial. Getting everyone to the destination can be highly stressful.

So, keep your thinking caps on and plan way early for your fantastic destination wedding.

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