Congrats! You’ve found the ‘one’ and are all set to tie the knot. Now it’s time to decide where! Destination weddings have become popular, and it’s easy to see why. Our planet is filled with infinite beautiful destinations and locations that are just breath-taking. While some may prefer to visit these destinations during a holiday, other choose to celebrate the most special days of their lives by getting married at the location. Many engaged couples choose to get married at such exotic locations. There are several factors that come into play when selecting a location for a destination wedding. If you have almost made up your mind to have a destination wedding, but are a state of flux about it, here are a few pros and cons that might help you choose whether to have a destination wedding or choose to tie the knot in the city of residence.

  1. Pro: Picture Perfect Photography

Simply put, destination weddings are beautiful. Firstly, due to the charming scenery around, and second, the uniqueness and charm the location offers. You can be sure that none of your family or friends have gotten married at such a location. Hence, having a destination wedding at a unique location makes your wedding one of a kind.

  1. Con: Legal Problems

Before deciding to tie the knot at an international destination, it is important to get all the legal documents in place. You will have to do some research on getting a marriage license, and any other required documentation to have a legal marriage in a different country.

  1. Pro: Complete Package

There are multiple resorts and outstation venues that offer the complete wedding package. This includes the rooms, food, décor, and complete wedding planning, all at an astonishing price. Sometimes, having a destination wedding might seem cheaper as compared to have a big wedding in your hometown. Wedding packages offered by such venues at exotic locations allow you to enjoy the wedding without spending a bomb truly.

  1. Pro: Fewer Guests

One major aspect of having a destination wedding is that the guest list is small and concise. If you want to avoid calling many guests, having a destination wedding is a right way to go about as you can cut down on not so important people. Such instances give you a chance to have a beach wedding with a guest list of not more than 100 guests.

  1. Pro: Extra Alone Time

One of the saddest parts of celebrating your wedding in your hometown is that gets over quickly. It’s different for those having a destination wedding. The honeymoon can go on longer while your wedding celebrations with your loved ones can go on for many days. If you are going to spend all the time and money that wedding planning requires, then you might as well have the time to take it all in.

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