Top 5 Diamond Jewelry Items Under $200

Trends may come and go but the allure of diamond jewelry never dies out. Whether you look at celebs on TV or an accessory for a special occasion, something like a diamond necklace will never go out of fashion. But are you worried that diamond jewelry might be way out of your budget? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. From trendy heart bracelets to diamond cross necklaces, check out what you can buy online for less than $200.

The key is to find the right website, one that offers certified gemstones, great discounts, and free shipping. So, take a look at our pick of the top 5 pieces to choose from.

1. Infinity Diamond Necklace

We are constantly in an uphill battle with keeping up with trends because they never stop changing. So, when you are looking for diamond jewelry, choose something that will be meaningful for a long time to come, rather than something that you won’t be able to wear after a few months. This is why we recommend diamond necklaces with the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol looks like a pulled-out horizontal figure “8” or a loop that is more symbolic than the usual geometrical shapes. They also come in inverted shapes with dual metals and three-dimensional designs, embedded with small diamonds. The meaning could be everlasting love, strength, or a bond. Plus, it is subtle and elegant enough to be worn with almost any type of attire. It can even be great for daily wear. Check out your options in white gold and sterling silver, which look great and are very durable. These metals also tend to be more affordable than yellow gold and platinum. In fact, you can buy a diamond infinity or cross necklace online for as little as $30.

2. Cocktail Diamond Earrings

Are you simply tired of the usual boring earrings danglers? What about those small stud earrings? Are they too small to make the impact you desire? Then check out cocktail stud earrings. They can be absolutely phenomenal and completely on-trend especially with their chunky designs. You can also choose designs with a colored gemstone at the center, surrounded by smaller diamonds. That would add a wonderful splash of color to your look and work brilliantly with your LBD. They actually look great with all sorts of outfits, even if you wear dungarees with a white t-shirt and some nude make-up. You can pair them with a matching cocktail ring to elevate the look into fast high fashion.

3. Cross Diamond Necklace

This one is our favorite, not just because of its spiritual or aesthetical value or for the fact that diamond cross necklaces can be worn with any outfit, but because they are extremely versatile in design. You will see celebs, from reality TV show stars to musicians and even your favorite models, wearing these necklaces. This is one symbol that will never go out of trend. When you buy a diamond cross necklace, check out the various designs they come in. There are curvy designs, charm necklaces, and 3D styles to choose from. Whether you like gothic fashion or simply enjoy the spiritual aspect of diamonds on your cross necklace, you cannot go wrong with this one.

4. Diamond Heart Bracelets

Heart-shaped diamond bracelets are available in various bracelet and bangle designs, starting from charm bracelets to bolo and tennis bracelets. They are easy on the eyes and can be accessorized with anything, including diamond cross necklaces because the “love” that the heart stands for also has a strong place in spirituality.

5. Snowflake Diamond Earrings

If you like the winter or are missing the winter during those sweltering summer months, the snowflake design is one of the best examples of designs inspired by Nature. They are not only mesmerizing, like cocktail earrings, they can be worn with almost anything, even as daily wear.

There are many other diamond pendants and rings that you can choose from. So, don’t forget to look at the different types of jewelry available when you buy that diamond cross necklace online.

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