Why Is Neral Getting Popular?

Whenever we see an ad saying buy flats in Neral, most of us wonder why Neral?

Neral is the small town on Karjat-Badlapur road in the Thane district of the Indian State of Maharashtra. Situated on the foothills of Matheran, Neral is a railway station on the central line and is a stop for all the suburban as well as a few express trains. This makes it convenient for all the people to travel from anywhere. The town is located at the equidistance from Mumbai and Pune.

The main attraction of Neral is Matheran. It is the nearest hill station near Mumbai and can be explored easily in a day. Several Mumbaikars visit Matheran on weekends to chill out with family or friends. Matheran is the plateau, situated on the elevation of 2625 ft, with an overall area of 7 sq.km. The place was discovered in the mid 19th century by an Englishman. Today, there are numerous points to visit on the top of the hill such as Louisa Point, Charlotte Lake, Panorama Point, One Tree Hill Point, Alexander Point and much more. The weather here is so refreshing, and the forests are dense that make it a habitat for several endangered species.

Another attraction of the town is Saguna Baug, located on the banks of River Ulhas. The place is ideal for families and children. Even if you are planning to chill out with your friends, you can make a night out here. Multiple outdoor games and attractions are available at Saguna Baug. The list can is as follows, but not limited to waterfall tours, flying fox zip line, horse riding, water buffalo ride, bullock cart ride, bird watching, apiculture, fish farming, archery and air rifle shooting.

The primary reason for growing in Neral properties is that the population from the city-side area is migrating in search of peace and ease of life. Neral, though far from Mumbai and Pune, is easily connected to both of these metro cities and the railway makes it convenient to travel. The new international airport of Navi Mumbai is just 50 km away and the new NAINA project, i.e. Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area, is just next to the Matheran Natural Reserves. This will increase the employment opportunities in the surrounding of Neral; ultimately, most of the residents can find their workplaces nearby their homes.

Bearing in mind all these aspects, flats in Neral are getting more demand. The developers from Mumbai, Thane and Pune are introducing their properties in Neral at affordable prices. If you haven’t seen it yet, visit the town and think about it, once!

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