Where to Find Suitable Homes Near Mumbai?

Mumbai is the dream city for almost everyone who seeks opportunities to settle in their career or learn something extraordinary. It is due to numerous opportunities the city offers to the people. Besides, the city is known as the financial capital of India. Most of the businesses have their headquarters in this charming city whereas the rest have their branches. Ultimately, the employment opportunities are high which leads to purchasing homes in Mumbai wherever is possible.

But, since the past two decades, Mumbai has crossed all the limits of getting open spaces for new infrastructure. The redevelopment plans are into consideration where the small buildings are becoming skyscrapers. This, eventually, has given rise to property rates which have become unaffordable for the middle-class families. Here, the need for new places risen where the properties can be purchased at affordable prices. Following are some of the nearby popular cities where you can buy budget homes.


Known as the sibling-city of Mumbai, Thane has become a hot destination for the people with their workplaces in Mumbai. It merely offers the convenience of travelling through railways and roadways. Thane is the prominent railway station on the central line, and every local suburban train has a halt here. It is being connected to Mumbai through Metro line 4, proposed to be completed till 2022. You can reach eastern suburbs of Mumbai through LBS road or eastern express highway whereas western suburbs can be reached via Ghodbunder road. Currently, the property rates for residential projects in Thane are around 7k to 25k per square feet.


Keeping the identity as the famous hill station aside, residential projects in Lonavala have also got demand due to the proximity it offers towards Mumbai and Pune. People usually look for luxurious villas and bungalows when hunting for residential projects in Lonavala. Sometimes, it’s just for the sake of getting a holiday home.


Earned the identity as the city of mansions, Pune has got lots of opportunities for property buyers. Growing as a tech-hub and numerous other employment opportunities, residential projects in Pune are on the list of developers as well as potential home buyers. It is well connected to almost all the main cities in the country by airways, railways and roadways. Unlike Mumbai, Pune has scope to expand its boundaries which results in maintaining the property rates affordable. Today, residential projects in Pune have a huge demand due to the ease of lifestyle the city offers and the convenience of other necessary services.

In short, you can find the best suitable residential property near Mumbai, in the cities mentioned above with affordable rates.

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