Mahindra Lifespaces’ Approach To Sustainable Living: Sustainable Products

As the world goes through turmoil, more and more people have begun embracing a sustainable lifestyle to prevent themselves from the aftereffects of a climate crisis in the future. However, there seems to be one real estate brand that has gone far and beyond to create sustainable communities with their 100% certified green home portfolio, and that brand is Mahindra Lifespaces.

It’s pretty evident now, that Sustainable living is the need of the hour. While the world still holds talks and tries to figure out ways to reduce our carbon footprint, Mahindra Lifespaces has decided to take it upon themselves to save Mother Nature in their own way. This idea gave birth to the #IAMGREENARMY initiative that focuses on implementing measures and building a community of people that understand the problem at hand and looks to find permanent solutions.

Mahindra Lifespaces’ green portfolio includes three distinct verticals that operate under the brand name. These verticals include their mid-premium and affordable segment residential projects clubbed under Mahindra World City and Mahindra Happinest, respectively. Each project is punctuated with low-carbon and green features and makes for a significant part of their construction practices along with eco-friendly building materials, thus, building healthier, energy-efficient homes.

Mahindra Lifespaces also aims for the platinum rating by the IGBC/ 4-star GRIHA rating by developing green buildings and responsible communities which propagate environment-friendly practices through their actions. Since the benefits of green buildings are well-known, you can find its implementation by Mahindra Lifespaces’ a rather well-thought-out and planned process.

They have divided their sustainable development approach into five primary components:

  • Land Acquisition – After carrying out the due-diligence of the site, it is assessed for its environmental and social impact. This enables Mahindra Lifespaces to develop different strategies for biodiversity conservation and rehabilitation.
  • Design – Energy-efficient practices coupled with customer-friendly design to minimize the damaging impact on the environment.
  • Construction – The green building portfolio includes integration of rainwater harvesting systems, resource optimization, and energy-efficient lighting.
  • Sales and Marketing – Education of people towards adopting sustainable practices by using responsible, transparent, and ethical marketing techniques.
  • Infrastructure Support – They provide maintenance support and provision of amenities for the customers along with customer grievance support.

These sustainable development practices are found in the eco-friendly homes by Mahindra Lifespaces. Sustainable urbanization is thus an integral part of the company’s projects, like the integrated cities developed in Chennai and Jaipur.

Mahindra World City, Chennai is India’s first IGBC Gold (Stage 1) certified Green Township, spread across 1550 acres with dedicated Special Economic Zones (SEZ), and dotted with world-class social and residential infrastructure. It is home to an off-grid solar power plant with a capacity to generate 116,000 units of renewable energy yearly. Mahindra World City, Jaipur, is a Gold pre-certified project under the IGBC Green SEZ Rating System. It also happens to be Asia’s first and the world’s largest project to receive Climate Positive Development Stage 2 certification, a recognition given for successfully creating a detailed structure for reduction of carbon emissions and achieving a climate-positive outcome.

Considering these awards and accolades, Mahindra Lifespaces surely seems to be on the right path. Their 100% IGBC-certified green portfolio attests to that, and their conscious effort in nurturing the environment and the society, they aim to continue following these sustainable practices in the future as well, making them one of the few sustainable real estate developers in the country.

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