Chengalpattu: Why Should You Consider It

Tamil Nadu one of the most developed states India with cities like Chennai, Kanchipuram that are famous for their standard of living. Chengalpattu is one such city that has grabbed the attention of people for its ease of living. The availability of basic needs such as transportation, health care services, entertainment etc. has encouraged people to buy 3 BHK flats in Chennai as well as Chengalpattu. Both cities are very close to each other can takes almost 40 min to reach. People have shown their interest in buying flats in Chengalpattu. So what is so unique about this city?

What makes Chengalpattu so unique?

  1. Transportation

No city is complete without robust transportation facilities. Transportation facilities are the quintessential part of any town, and Chengalpattu has excelled in it. The Chennai Airport is just 38 Km away from the city which makes it convenient to travel. The Metropolitan Transport Corporation is excellent in the town covering several parts of the city and other parts of the states. Along with this, Chengalpattu is a railway junction. Railways play a significant role in the development of the town and Chengalpattu junction has been crucial to the city. The road connection is excellent making the journeys less hectic.

  1. Industry

Industry and the employment coming with have made Chengalpattu a favored destination to settle down. Due to proximity to Chennai and easy connection via road and rail, it has made several multinational companies establish in that area. The companies like Wipro, Ford, BMW, Tech Mahindra, Dell, Samsung, Infosys, Pepsi, Siemens, Apollo Tyres and many more companies are very close to Chengalpattu. As transportation is quite convenient, people find it sophisticated to get flats in Chengalpattu.

  1. Education

Education, be it a nursery level school or college for graduation, it has a significant role in the city’s future. The town of Chengalpattu is fortunate to have a full range of schools and colleges. There is an excellent opportunity for those who seek to get admission for medical or nursing or engineering or law or music school etc. The colleges in Chengalpattu are preferred for their top-quality infrastructure and advanced education system. Chengalpattu also has several renowned arts and science colleges.

  1. Health

Having a reliable health system in a city is pretty essential, and Chengalpattu has several hospitals where you can avail high-quality healthcare services. JJ Hospital, JSP Hospital, Balaji Hospital, Government Leprosy Hospital are some famous hospitals in the city where you can get a decent healthcare system from experienced medical practitioners.

  1. Tourism

A city needs a place where families can spend quality time together. The theme parks on East Coast Road, nearby tourists destinations such as Muttukadu, Mahabalipuram, Kraikali Bird Sanctuary makes weekends enjoyable for families.

Chengalpattu is a beautiful city with access to all the essential amenities. The city has cultural history too making it a favored destination to settle down. Chennai is the nearest city to it where people prefer to live. There are several 2 BHK flats for sale in Chennai in case you want to buy one.

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