7 reasons why you should invest in under construction projects in Pune

There is a very relevant point that always puts potential home-buyers in two minds. It is the never-ending dilemma of choosing between a ready to move in flat and one that is under construction. There are several reasons why under construction projects are favoured by most in the last few decades:

  1. Easy on the pocket

When you are looking for apartments for sale in Pune, upcoming residential projects are a good idea. This is because investing in such a project is easy on the pocket as compared to a ready to move flat. Depending on the location of the project, the builder and the type of property, it can be 10-30% more reasonable.

  1. Good appreciation on capital investment

When you buy an under construction project, it is at a lower cost. Therefore, the appreciation in the future is always expected to be higher as the price of the property is expected to increase.

  1. RERA compliance

Once the under construction project gets RERA compliance, your future property is safe and secure. You can find all the essential details on the website and have speed redressal of fair trades and practices.

  1. Flexibility in payment

While buying a ready flat or property, you are expected to pay the entire amount in one go. When you are looking to invest in an ongoing project you are only expected to pay the booking fee. The rest of the payment can be done as per the construction plan. This allows you to pay in installments rather than arranging for a large sum in a single payment.

  1. New constructions last longer

Most ready to move in apartments are old buildings. There is no guarantee that they will last for a long time or may soon have to go through a redevelopment process. Therefore, it is always wise to invest in an under construction project to lead a hassle free life in the future.

  1. Premium amenities

Most ongoing construction projects have several premium amenities for the residents. Gone are the days when you just had a compound and a small garden. The new ones now have abundant facilities like a gym, swimming pool, sports courts, clubs and more!

  1. Negotiable

Getting a discount on a ready to move in apartment is difficult. It is easier to get offers and discounts on an upcoming residential project.

There are several upcoming residential projects in Pune that will suit all your different needs. From luxury apartments to premium villas, there is something for everyone.

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