Start your morning on a positive note with these devotional songs

What better than starting your day with an antidote of tension, anxiety, fear, and depression. Devotional songs rather fill your heart mind and soul with joy, positivity, peace, radiance and heighten the spirit of spirituality. When you get up every morning to these soulful pieces of music which are soothing to your ear, body, and soul then you are bound to have a better day ahead.

Even scientifically speaking, good songs have proved to have a very calming effect on – not just the human minds but all living objects like animals, birds, and even plants. With soothing songs, they are seen to grow better and stronger. And the best music for mornings could certainly be devotional songs.

Bollywood also fills you with many options from AR Rahman to Kalyanji, from Javed Akhtar to Pradeep all have shown their devotion to devotional songs. So, here we curate a list of the most liked devotional song for you, you can easily find these devotional songs online as well.

  1. Itni shakti hame dena data – This song from the 1986 movie Ankush sung by Pushpa Pagdhare and Sushma Shresth is the first that comes to mind when one says devotional song. Abhilash has penned this song so beautifully that it never fails to inspire when one is depressed or lose confidence, and that’s what makes it still the number one choice.
  2. Om jai jagdish hare – This song from movie Purab Aur Paschim is one which is sung many times afterward by many singers and redone by many composers as well. This song is an icon for Hindu devotional songs (or aarti).
  3. Ae malik tere bande hum – Vasant Desai’s music and Bharat Vyas’s lyrics did pure justice to this song. This gift from 70’s movie Do Ankhein Barah Haath is a must include in most school curriculums too.
  4. Suraj ki garme se jalte hue tan ko – Sung by Sharma Bandhus who usually had performed till then only on stage and were masters at performing Ramayana in their own style. This song’s lyrics speak passionately about the deep-seeded faith.
  5. Piya haji ali –  Beauty of the song is not only the sufiyana feel of the song but also the music by the acclaimed master AR Rahman himself and lyrics by Shaukat Ali sung by Kadar Ghulam Mustafa, Murtaza Ghulam Mustafa, A R Rahman, Srinivas. It also beautifully gives the most basic most yet important message that we may come from different cultures and religions, call different names to our God but they are all the same.
  6. Maiya mori mein nahi makahan khayo – It wouldn’t be wrong to say what Jagjit Singh is to gazals and Amitabh Bachhan to movies is what Anoop Jalota is to devotional songs. Anoop Jalota is the synonym for bhakti songs. For this song, he combined different raagas and the explanation along takes this song to a whole new level. 

There is no end to the list, but this sure is a brilliant start.

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