Tips to increase fertility naturally

If you are reading this article, this means that you have decided to get pregnant. Whether it is your first baby or the third, it is not easy to find out when the conception can occur. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to stack the odds in your favor. Here are the natural tips that you can try to increase your fertility:

a. Fertility diet – You should eat healthy food in order to get pregnant quickly. Pick the wholesome food with some fresh and green vegetables, lean protein, fruits, and healthy oils like olive oils. Eating healthy food can improve your reproductive health and may fix your infertility due to anovulation which is about one-quarter of the fertility complications.

Taking the right and nutritious food can improve your chances of egg production. Consume legumes in place of red meat, and add full dairy products like whole milk and yogurt to get good results.

While you should reduce your carbohydrate intake, refined carbs should be a complete no. Refined carbs increase your chances of getting obese while also increasing your testosterone and insulin levels, and both these hormones are associated with infertility.

During pregnancy, your body needs more iron than normal due to the high blood supply needed for the fetus. So, you can avoid conditions like anemia by eating beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, and beets. Your fertility centre may also recommend you a good diet chart to follow.

b. Healthy weight – Both underweight and overweight women face difficulty in getting pregnant. Best fertility hospitals suggest that having an ideal BMI is the key to having a successful pregnancy. BMI of 20-24 is ideal for getting pregnant. Obese or underweight women may have irregular periods or no periods at all. While it is successful in becoming pregnant if you are outside of this ideal BMI range, the excess hormones produced due to excess weight may affect your ovulation and pregnancy. High estrogen in your body functions as birth control as your body thinks that it’s already pregnant, and thus it skips ovulation. Obesity also increases your chances of having PCOS, which is another very common cause of infertility. In addition, having an excess weight may also affect your baby’s health as they are at a greater risk of developing diabetes, spina bifida, heart defects, and raised cholesterol.

c. Alcohol and Tobacco – Alcohol and tobacco both affect your reproductive health negatively. Drinking more than five drinks per sitting may increase your chances of irregular ovulation. The fertility clinic near me recommends not to indulge in even the light drinks in a week as it can affect your odds of getting pregnant. Once you get pregnant, alcohol consumption can be very harmful to the fetus and can result in irreversible damage.

According to the best fertility clinic in Chennai, the chemicals in the cigarettes may also reduce the number of eggs that you have. Your female body is born with a sufficient number of eggs; once they are finished, they cannot be replaced. Tobacco affects ovulation which results in failure to release eggs during the cycle.

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