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While the pandemic temporarily lowered the number of plastic surgery treatments performed during early quarantine periods, the widespread usage of online meetings encouraged a resurgence in facial surgery trends such as facelifts, eye lifts, and rhinoplasties. Because of the ability to work from the comfort of one’s own home or even from a distant location, the downtime associated with any cosmetic surgery barely disrupts anyone’s work schedule. Working from home has therefore created a once-in-a-lifetime chance for folks who want to have cosmetic surgery. Not only are many cosmetic operations popular, but plastic surgery trends are also becoming more natural-looking, at least in certain ways. Newer plastic surgery techniques, on the other hand, take ethnicity into account while also integrating specific ethnic features across countries. People desire to improve their looks for a multitude of reasons, according to cosmetic surgeons. So, what’s the big deal about plastic surgery these days? Here are six possible explanations for the current increase in cosmetic operations.

1.) Acceptance Has Increased: One of the most important factors affecting the rise in surgical operations is that cosmetic surgery has become more socially acceptable. Celebrities are frequently coming out and freely discussing the operations they’ve had performed. It’s also very unusual for pals to talk about their desire for surgery among themselves. Social media may also be contributing to the rising acceptability of cosmetic operations. People appear to be quite content to publish a selfie on Instagram shortly after their rhinoplasty or to discuss their breast augmentation recovery process with their Instagram pals.

2.) Plastic Surgery Has Improved: Plastic surgery outcomes have improved as technology and procedures have evolved. For example, the “windswept” looks that were typical following old-school facelifts are no longer prevalent. Today’s surgery outcomes are significantly more natural-looking. Furthermore, advances in cosmetic medical technology imply that, in certain circumstances, surgery is no longer as complex or as complicated as it formerly was. Incisions may be smaller, resulting in less scarring and a shorter recovery period. In rare cases, there may be no need for surgery at all. Non-surgical Coolsculpting, for example, may be preferable to liposuction for some people.

3.) More affordable: Cosmetic plastic surgery used to be reserved for the ultra-rich. Today’s typical patient is a working professional, frequently from a dual-income household, or a stay-at-home mom who wants to restore her physical appearance after having children. In other words, she was not the traditional housewife who had her face painted. Cosmetic treatments, both surgical and noninvasive, are also becoming less expensive. There are several financing alternatives available, ranging from medical credit cards and personal loans to payment plans given by doctor’s offices. Cosmetic operations that are not medically necessary, such as breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, are often not covered by health insurance.

4.) Always in front of the screen: Even ten years ago, let alone twenty-five, you would be hard-pressed to find yourself in photographs. It may be a birthday, a wedding, or any other sort of significant occasion. We’re seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of images of ourselves now, documenting everything we don’t like about our looks as well as the aging process, thanks to mobile devices and platforms. In other words, we are all constantly scrutinized—by ourselves.

5.) We have a better understanding of the health benefits: One last element that has contributed to the increased popularity of plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi is that people understand it better now than they did previously. People used to believe that plastic surgery was exclusively done for aesthetic purposes. They often did not believe that a particular procedure might provide a health or functional advantage. While some procedures are entirely aesthetic, others might be utilitarian and improve a person’s quality of life. Rhinoplasty may help patients breathe better, allowing them to sleep better and exercise more safely. Breast reduction can assist in relieving back and shoulder discomfort and body lift operations can help cut away extra skin following significant weight loss, lowering the risk of chafing and skin breakdown.

6.) It increases your self-confidence: This is true for both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, and the reasons haven’t changed since RealSelf’s inception a decade ago. Despite all of the advancements in cosmetic surgical technology, human needs and motives remain constant. We all want to exhibit our best selves to the world, but how we do so varies according to who we are.

What advancements in plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi have benefited patients?

Current methodologies, as well as the laser technology employed in some processes, have greatly improved. Everyone has a greater understanding of aging and its physiological and anatomical implications, allowing them to treat the face and total body disorders. The combination of technology and scientific research has resulted in a safer, more efficient manner of doing procedures, typically with a shorter hospital stay than was previously necessary.

How can you know whether you’re getting cosmetic surgery for the correct reasons?

Influences such as social media and advertising must be viewed critically. Images on social media and even doctors’ websites can be manipulated, resulting in major disappointment with the outcomes and huge financial loss. It’s critical to discuss your expectations with your doctor, as well as the practical limits of the outcomes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in interest in cosmetic surgery within the domestic population, particularly among those of the millennial age. As a result, the younger generation is more conscious of their options. Previously, cosmetic surgery was supposed to be performed only by celebrities or individuals in the show industry. However, it is now available to everybody. Boosted internet presence and video chat have increased self-awareness. As a result, the emphasis on one’s physical and emotional well-being has risen dramatically.

Contrary to common assumptions, men and women are equally interested in cosmetic surgery operations. Furthermore, as myths and preconceptions about cosmetic surgery are removed with confirmed and evidence-based information, cosmetic surgery is finally gaining societal acceptability.

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