Some Myths about IVF you thought were true

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a blessing for couples trying to conceive but cannot do so because of infertility. However, there are many myths about IVF that make couples apprehensive about going for the treatment. To clear the air, we bust a few popular myths that you may have come across on the internet.

IVF doesn’t work for older woman

IVF is a boon for older couples unable to get pregnant. If women over the age of 42 use their own eggs for the IVF process, then there is some likelihood of an unsuccessful IVF cycle. However, using donor eggs enhances the probability of a successful pregnancy at the end of the IVF cycle for an older woman.

It is only for the rich

IVF treatment is a pretty affordable treatment approach. The costs have been consistent over the last few years. Also, with medical advancements, the hospitalization and the medical costs associated with IVF have also reduced. Also, you must know that as the IVF process utilizes different techniques, the price varies among the clinics.  

IVF babies are not normal

Babies born through the IVF process are perfectly healthy and normal, like naturally conceived babies. Health risks are associated with IVF born babies only when the couple is older or has a genetic or chronic disease. Also, your fertility doctor will consider these risks and take precautions to prevent them well in advance.

Donating eggs will make you infertile

A girl has over 300,000 eggs when born. Of these, only 400 are essential in an entire lifetime. Every month, 20 eggs move out of the ovaries, and only one or two turn to the point of being released through ovulation. About 18-19 of the spare eggs die. Therefore, there is no chance of getting short of eggs through donation for IVF. This essentially means that egg donation does not make anyone infertile.

IVF is not safe

IVF process is safe as long as you undergo a limited number of IVF cycles. For this, ensure that you go to an experienced doctor and a hospital with relatively high success rates. The IVF clinic and the specialists are crucial to the success of the treatment.  

Infertility is Age-related Problem

Age is not the sole factor causing infertility. Several factors such as lifestyle, environment, BMI and medical history influence fertility in men and women. Infertility in men can be because of hormonal imbalance, abnormal sperm production, or sperm defects. Women experience infertility because of hormonal imbalance, PCOS, endometriosis, ovulation disorders or any other abnormality in the female reproductive system. Consumption of substances significantly affects fertility in men, as well as women. To ensure that IVF treatment has a high chance of success, ensure that you choose the right doctors in the right fertility clinic. You can discover the best IVF treatment hospitals in Mumbai. With an experienced team of doctors and efficient techniques, fertility centres in Mumbai will help you achieve the bliss of parenthood.

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