Reasons To Go For An HSG Test If You Want To Conceive

Many people today commonly suffer from the major problem of infertility. It is becoming a problem with most youngsters of today. The reasons are various, but our intention here is to discuss how to overcome this issue. 

With the advancement in science and technology, becoming pregnant is not a huge thing today if you cannot do so naturally. Doctors mostly suggest HSG treatment because that is the most common infertility problem in women – tubal-factor infertility.

What Is Hysterosalpingogram?

An HSG test is a test that is conducted in the uterus and fallopian tube of an infertile woman to detect the cause of her infertility. This blockage in the fallopian tube is the reason why the sperm is prevented from travelling up to meet the egg that is waiting to get fertilized. 

The hindrance in the tube could be for a number of reasons like scars in the tissues there, infection in the pelvic area, previous surgery & failed pregnancies, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or any other related issues. Undergoing an HSG test procedure under the care of an experienced physician could unlock the mysteries of failed pregnancies. 

AnHSG test procedureis aboon in itself. It is therapeutic by nature. Often the dye that is injected into the fallopian tube and the uterus by means of a catheter helps to flush out all the residue that has accumulated there. This results in clearing of the passage, which ultimately helps to conceive within three months of the procedure. 

But most IVF doctors in Hyderabad and everywhere across India use the HSG test as a diagnostic means.

The Best Time To Perform The Test

The ideal time to get the HSG treatment done is between 5-14 days of the menstrual cycle. Consult your doctor and get it done after your period ends.

Who Is Eligible To Take An HSG Test?

A woman who is having difficulty in conceiving will have to take the test. And here, it is to be noted that HSG test cost in India is by no means a small amount, so consult the best doctors before planning it. If required, you may consult two or more doctors as the procedure is quite painful also.

The Advantages Of Undergoing An HSG Test

An HSG test is highly beneficial because, apart from being used as a diagnostic procedure, it is also a therapeutic measure. This is because, most often, unexplained causes of infertility are resolved three months after the procedure. 

Two types of fluids are used in the procedure. One fluid is water soluble, and the other is oil soluble. The oil-based fluid most often is heard to be clearing the passage of the fallopian tube of all residues, thus making way for the sperm to enter. The pregnancies end with a high rate of live birth also. And studies have proved that the oil-based fluid is more effective in resulting in a pregnancy.  Thus with a hysterosalpingogram, you are saved the expenses of undergoing infertility treatment, and the pregnancy is left to occur naturally just by clearing the fallopian tube. So this is in all essentiality a type of treatment that should be first tried out by women seeking infertility treatment.

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