IUI treatment - Pros and cons

Intrauterine Insemination, more popularly known as IUI, is one of the most popular methods to treat infertility. In the process of IUI, the sperm is placed inside the women’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. The main objective of IUI is to promote the increase of the sperm quality that reaches the fallopian tubes. The method of IUI treatment thus increases the chance of fertilization.

IUI is most commonly recommended to couples trying to conceive and is one of the most popular male infertility treatments. In this treatment, the sperms have an advantage as the sperms are directly administered into a woman’s uterus. When compared to IVF, the method of IUI is less expensive and less invasive. IUI treatment can be broken down into three significant steps. Namely-

  • The ovulation is tracked in the first place to identify the fertility period.
  • In the next step, the sperm is collected and washed.
  • The last step involves the insertion of the sperm directly into the uterus.

But just like two sides of the coin, IUI has its own set of pros and cons as well. The details of which have been provided below.

The Pros of Using IUI Treatment-

  • IUI compared to other fertility treatments like ICSI and IVF, is IUI treatment cost in India isless expensive.
  • The technique of IUI is also less invasive.
  • The procedure does not require administration of anesthesia and hence is not painful.
  • When compared to sexual intercourse, the chance of conceiving is very high using the treatment of IUI.
  • The procedure is also less time-consuming. The entire process takes hardly 15-20 minutes.
  • The simple procedure of IUI provides less stress to the body.
  • In the procedure, the sperm is washed; this also enhances the quality of the sperm. Doing this removes infectious agents, prostaglandins, antigenic proteins, immature germ cells, non-motile spermatozoa, etc., resulting in quality sperm.

The Cons of Using IUI Treatment-

  • If the procedure is not performed under expert guidance, it may result in permanent damage to the fallopian tube.
  • The success rate of IUI treatment is 20% when compared to other fertility treatments like IVF and ICSI.
  • To process the IUI treatment, the partner needs to ovulate.
  • The sperms required for this IUI treatment also need to have a certain level of motility.
  • While under IUI, the person may face some side effects owing to the intake of fertility drugs.
  • The side effects may include mood swings, breast tenderness, hot flashes, nausea, bloating, headaches, pelvic discomfort, painful and swollen ovaries, swelling around the injection site, and ovarian cysts.

Nevertheless, IUI is one of the most popular forms of infertility treatment. Compared to the other fertility treatments, the IUI treatment cost in India is low. It hence is best recommended to people who are having low sperm count or decreased sperm mobility.

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