Factors that make IUI a preferred treatment

IUI is a type of insemination where sperm that are washed and concentrated are directly placed in the uterus around the time of ovulation. It is a simple procedure that can be performed at a doctor’s clinic. The process requires no anaesthesia, and insertion is done using a cannula, making it a pain-free procedure.

IUI is most commonly used with eth couples having:

  1. Donor sperm – IUI Treatment is a preferred treatment for women who uses donor sperm to get pregnant. Before the procedure, frozen sperm specimens should be obtained from the lab.
  2. Unexplained infertility – IUI Treatment is the first choice of fertility treatment in unexplained infertility cases. The treatment is given in combination with ovulation-inducing medication.
  3. Endometriosis – If your infertility is due to endometriosis, then the first treatment should be to the medication to obtain high-quality eggs before the IUI procedure.
  4. Infertility due to the cervix – The cervix is the opening between your vagina and uterus. During ovulation, the cervix produces mucus which helps the sperm travel from the vagina to the fallopian tubes. When the mucus is very thick, the sperm cannot move easily, which prevents the sperm from reaching the egg. Scarring caused due to a biopsy thickens the cervix. In such cases, IUI can be used to bypass the cervix, depositing the sperm directly in the uterus. Thus, increasing the chance of fertilization and IUI pregnancy.
  5. Male subfertility – Semen analysis is one of the initial steps to evaluate infertility. If your partner has abnormal sperm size, shape or weak motility, then the IUI process can benefit. In IUI treatment, sperms are first prepared for the procedure, separating the sperms with high motility to low motility sperms.
  6. Infertility due to ovulation – IUI is best for women with infertility due to ovulation issues like absence of ovulation or reduced number of eggs seen in conditions like PCOS.
  7. Semen allergy – Though rare, some women may have allergies to the protein present in their partner’s semen. In such a case, when ejaculation is done in the vagina, there is redness, burning and swelling where the semen touches the skin. IUI can be very effective in such women as the protein is removed from the semen before inserting it into the uterus.

Risks of IUI

IUI is a simple procedure with limited risks. A few risks that can happen during and after the procedure are: – infection, spotting and multiple pregnancies. As in the IUI process, a catheter is placed in the uterus a small amount of vaginal bleeding is common. However, it doesn’t affect your chances of conceiving. IUI alone doesn’t increase the risk of multiple pregnancies, but the medications to induce ovulation can cause you to have multiple pregnancies. Multiple pregnancies have higher risks like early labour and low birth weight. In general, IUI is a safe procedure having limited to no risks. You should consider getting IUI from IVF doctors in Hyderabad to treat your infertility.

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