Do Not Ignore These Do's and Dont's 1 Week Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

You must follow specific instructions before having any form of surgery in order to make sure the treatment goes as well as possible. Additionally, doing—or avoiding—certain items might hasten your recovery while lowering the likelihood of complications.

Preparation for rhinoplasty is exactly what it sounds like. Getting a head start on your Rhinoplasty in Dubai can significantly impact your recuperation and how you feel, particularly in the initial days. You may do several things before your nose job in Dubai to ensure a quick and painless recovery.

In this article, we are going to discuss the major things to consider during the last week before Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai for efficient preparation and recovery.

Dos Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

  1. Create a home recovery space and purchase all your groceries and personal items.
  1. Prepare the list of your prescriptions, please.
  1. Request a ride to and from the surgery. You won’t be able to drive to or from your treatment, so make sure you have a ride a week before it happens and keep your driver updated throughout the week.
  1. Plan the first day’s care. During your first day of recovery, we advise having someone stay with you to ensure your comfort and assist with meal preparation, medicine administration, and any other need. Whether it’s your partner, a sibling, or a friend, explain your process to them and let them know how much you value their assistance.
  1. Make the most of your sleep—at least 8 hours per night. If you have the chance, take a nap during the day as well. Because you will need to limit your activities following surgery, give your body and mind time to adjust to sleeping during the day.
  1. Drink twice as much water as you typically would to stay hydrated. You can improve your body’s cellular performance by consuming plenty of water. After surgery, the body recovers,
  1. Prepare comfortable, loose-fitting attire for the following surgery. Perhaps you should bring a scarf and hoodie with you. Plan to wear pants with an elastic waist, button-up shirts, and slip-on shoes.
  1. Twice daily, wash and brush your face. No matter what plans you have, everyone knows they should wash their faces twice a day, but this week, take it especially seriously. For about a week, you won’t be able to wash your skin because of the cast covering your nose. During your recovery, be mindful of your dental hygiene and do your best to maintain a clean mouth. Be particularly thorough without going overboard because it can be difficult to open your mouth widely at the start of recuperation.
  1. More than twice as much water, as usual should be consumed. You can improve your body’s cellular performance by consuming plenty of water.
  1. Make hearty, nourishing meals for yourself. Between meals, spread your intake of fruits, nuts, and other healthy snacks. Eat something wholesome at least once every five hours. Eating healthily before surgery is very important because many individuals experience lower hunger after surgery, and you will need to fast on the day of your treatment. Additionally, as vitamin C aids in healing, take it every day for at least a week before surgery.
  1. If you’re anxious before your surgery, exercise can help you let off steam. Enjoy a couple of jogs and lift some weights prior to your treatment because you won’t be able to exercise much for the first month after your procedure. After that, ease up for the next week.

Donts Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol in the week leading up to your surgery. Don’t do it at all. You will become dehydrated, your immune system will weaken, and generally, your recuperation will be hampered. Try to relax in various ways during the week leading up to your surgery.
  1. Never, but especially not in the week leading up to your procedure or while you’re recovering smoke cigarettes.
  1. Avoid using aspirin, coumadin, and other blood thinners. In fact, there are various supplements and medications one should avoid depending on the patient’s medical history as well. Consult your doctor to figure out what they could be for you.
  1. At least 4 days before your treatment, stop applying topical lotions to your face. Use only simple moisturizers and cleaners. Avoid using Obagi, Retin-A, AHAs, and BHAs such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and other prescription products. Ask your surgeon about your skincare routine if you have any questions.
  1. Stay out of the sun for as long as possible before and after your treatment. UV light has the potential to harm the skin and make healing more difficult.
  1. Avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight the evening before and the morning of your treatment.
  1. Don’t let fear depress you. It’s common for people to have anxiety prior to a procedure like a rhinoplasty, and to some extent, that anxiety is even expected. Do not let your nerves cause you to worry. You’re going to be OK, and worrying won’t change anything.



Getting a rhinoplasty in Dubai is a critical step for any patient for whatever reason they opt for it. If you are also one of the candidates for a nose job in Dubai, do consider the above-mentioned practical tips to follow (or avoid) for an effective and comfortable result.

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