6 Dos & Don’ts to remember if you are thinking of IVF

In Vitro Fertilization is one of the modern fertility options available to help couples have a biological baby. However, couples considering this procedure should consider a few essential factors before opting for it. They need to know the working mechanism of In Viro Fertilisation, IVF treatment cost, and the procedure’s success rate. Women undergoing the treatment should know how to keep themselves healthy and confident before and after the procedure. If you opt for the IVF procedure, here are the six dos and don’ts to remember throughout your IVF cycle.

Six dos before and after IVF

Before the IVF procedure, you might have led a particular lifestyle. It may not be suitable once you decide to undergo the IVF procedure, then you may need to modify your lifestyle. Here are some simple lifestyle changes you need to make before and after your IVF procedure.

1. Look for the best fertility center in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai, etc., before you finalize your hospital. The leading IVF clinics in metro cities usually have a high success rate with advanced treatment techniques and tools at an affordable IVF cost.

2. Exercising daily for an hour will keep you healthy and improve your self-esteem. It will prepare you well for the procedure with confidence and optimism.

3. Try to consume foods having the right proportion of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. It will make tissues in your body function properly. You can consider adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily meals.

4. Tissue rejuvenation and healing are vital to make your IVF procedure easier for you. Therefore, ensure you sleep at least seven hours.

5. The IVF center where you have the IVF procedure will suggest you take Folic acid daily, so take the recommended dosage. This vitamin is essential for the baby’s health.

6. Having regular counseling with a gynecologist at your IVF treatment center will help you and your partner avoid unwanted mental stress.

Six don’ts before and after the IVF cycle

Following the don’ts is more critical than the dos while you are undergoing the IVF treatment. It will help you avoid disappointments. Make sure you take care of the below points to make your IVF cycle more effective.

1. Don’t consume alcoholic drinks and smoke. These habits affect the quality of sperm and eggs.

2. Do not skip your errands. Doing light household work will keep you active. Too much bed rest will make you put on weight.

3. Do not take caffeine during and after the procedure. It will add to the miscarriage risk.  

4. Do not ignore your condition of health. 

5. Do not ignore your medicines. Take medicines prescribed by your doctor at the right time every day.

6. Do not avoid reading motivational books. An excellent motivational book will boost self-confidence and help you overcome unnecessary stress, anxiety, and other disturbing feelings during your IVF cycle. The IVF procedure involves the participation of the wife and husband. Therefore, both should know the things to follow and avoid, making the cycle successful. It will help them have a healthy baby.

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