5 Ways to Work on Your Marriage During Infertility Treatment

In India, a huge social stigma is linked to infertility. However, failure to conceive can threaten personal relationships too. While most couples feel their marriage can weather the storm of failed pregnancies, trying to build a family without results can be stressful. It can also cause anxiety, anger, and self-isolation. Further, resorting to fertility drugs without professional supervision can cause ridiculous hormonal surges and heartache.

The good news is that fertility treatment in Bangalore from a highly experienced team of doctors and technicians can relive your plight. Over 8 million babies have been born through IVF since the first try, and you can benefit too. However, it is not a standalone treatment but a series of tests, therapies, and medications. So, how to stay strong and together while undergoing the process? Have a look.

1. Communicate Well

This could be a period of emotional turmoil. You might feel guilty, unsettling, or simply worthless. So, know that you are a team and hold honest face-to-face conversations with your partner. Address each others’ concerns and try to lighten the mood. Make sure you are supportive, reassuring, and understanding at all times. Working on the slightest misunderstanding on time can save you from severe tension in the future.

2. Appreciate Each Other

At this point, conceiving might become the top priority. But, do not treat your spouse as a baby-making machine. While the treatment is on, try to make them feel loved and heard. Appreciate and value them by saying thoughtful words. You can also cook a special dinner, prepare a hand-written note, or simply behave in a grateful manner. Besides strengthening your bond, these gestures will help you keep the romance alive too.

3. Take Care of Yourself

While battling infertility, the risks of mood disorders and distress remain high. These can push us towards unhealthy behaviors like screaming and expressing irritability. So, while undergoing fertility treatment in Bangalore, consider relaxation techniques. Go for a spa session, take a walk, talk to trusted friends, and find healthy distractions. These can positively influence both social and personal interactions.

4. Enjoy Your Intimate Moments

Your whole relationship might have become about procreation. The challenge lurking behind this situation is that sex loses spark and meaningfulness. However, having sex for recreation is completely safe during ovarian stimulation. So, create some mood lighting, try out various positions, and fulfill your fantasies. Physical affection goes a long way to offer emotional benefits like improved self-esteem. Further, pleasurable orgasms can relieve stress and bring you both closer during these times.

5. Take Help of a Counselor

Despite trying your best, your relationship might be going haywire. So, while undergoing IVF or ICSI treatment in Bangalore, visit an infertility counselor. They help you cope with marital stress and psychological complications. Experts come up with potential solutions and instill coping and communication skills. They can also help get over sadness, self-blame, and hopelessness, which might have a detrimental effect on your treatment procedure. Nobody knows what it could be like on the emotional front when you begin treatment. However, research has shown that you can adjust well, and there are hardly any long-term impacts on your marriage. Rest assured; you will soon move out of this troubled time together.

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