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While IVF is still the most common fertility therapy, there are several other viable options to explore. Several of these therapies are less expensive than IVF. Intrauterine insemination (IUI process) is a type of artificial insemination that can be used to treat male and female infertility.

There are five tips that you should be aware of before going with the IUI process. These pointers might help you increase your chances of successful IUI treatment. Make sure you follow them before going with the IUI procedure.

  1. For three days, don’t ejaculate.

During IUI, the number of sperm and the volume of semen are important factors. That’s why, three days before the IUI process, males should refrain from ejaculating. This increases the amount of sperm available for artificial insemination. Because sperm may live for up to five days, a three-day delay is excellent. However, don’t go more than five days without eating, since this will hurt your chances of succeeding.

  1. Reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

The success of different reproductive therapies might be harmed by stress. If you’re having IUI, try to relax, have realistic expectations regarding the treatment, and stay as calm as possible throughout the operation.

  1. Seek clarification about sperm washing.

Sperm washing is a method of filtering sperm to ensure that robust, viable, and healthy sperm survive. In addition to trigger doses, discuss the benefits of sperm washing before going to IUI with the fertility doctor you’re consulting.

  1. Consult fertility doctors about hormone stimulation.

Trigger injections are used by fertility experts to stimulate the ovaries and create viable eggs that can be fertilized. Inquire with your fertility doctor about booster injections, which can improve the odds of a successful IUI procedure.

  1. Always consider eating healthy and doing exercises regularly.

A balanced diet may enhance your overall health while also potentially increasing fertility. While having fertility therapy can make a significant difference. Vegetables and fruits, lean meats, essential fats, and whole grains for fiber should all be included in your diet. Also, make sure you’re properly hydrated. Exercise can also make a significant difference during fertility therapy. Although you should avoid intense activities while undergoing IUI procedures or other reproductive procedures, instead patients can perform yoga, walk and be in a decent manner in general.

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There is something as well important that you should consider for sure and need to be aware of. Although if couples follow above mentioned tips, IUI may not be successful. In fact, repeat therapy may not be successful. Perhaps couples may wish to examine additional reproductive therapy choices at some point. Three IUI treatment attempts are recommended as a general guideline. If three IUI efforts fail, additional testing is required, and further, you can explore other reproductive treatments that could be more appropriate as per your requirements.

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