5 High Energy Meals That Helps During Labor

Delivery is quite a high-intensity and laborious task. While doctors mainly focus on the clinical management of childbirth, it is important to regulate the psychological process and make it a positive experience, according to an article by World Health Organization (WHO). One good way to make labor comfortable is to fuel yourself with power foods. During a full-term pregnancy, the uterus turns into one of the strongest muscles in the body.

It can only function well when hydrated and nourished. Although a diet alone will not reduce the pain but could help lower the severity.  Further, high-energy foods while in labor can keep you from stress, headaches and exhaustion. So, if your due date is nearby, here’s a guide on the best solid and liquids by top gynecologists in New Delhi to consider during labor.

Get High Energy by Eating Right

Bananas: This fruit reigns supreme when it comes to natural energy. It is packed with complex carbs, fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium which combat fatigue and keeps you active during labor. Unlike sugary foods which provide a sudden spike, bananas offer sustainable and stable energy for quite a long time. Combine it with butter or yogurt for a full meal. This will further boost performance and endurance to push out a baby.

Brown Rice: Substantial and light snacks with high protein and healthy fats are recommended. Brown rice is a great choice when it comes to carbohydrates and fiber. It can retain the nutritional values and is usually helpful during long labor.  Before your contractions starts to pick up, consider a mini meal made from brown rice, yogurt and eggs. You can also add a bowl full of fruits and vegetables in case you wish to prepare yourself with maximum energy possible.

Green & Yellow Smoothie: Include spinach, green apples, avocadoes, mango, banana, strawberries, kiwi, goji berries and pears to create a thick smoothie. This would be easy to digest and offer the much needed energy during delivery. Pick top labor and delivery hospitals which will ensure mother-to-be are pampered with the most nutritious diet. It will delight your taste buds while keeping you healthy.

Coffee: The best gynecologists in New Delhi recommend coffee for a quick energy boost. It can enhance the production of epinephrine, a hormone that stimulates the brain. Your mind is likely to stay focused and alert throughout the delivery process. In fact, a cup of coffee can keep you from feeling tired or sleepy which could impair the labor. However, make sure to consume in moderation (not more than 400 mg) to help the body function better.

Whole Grain: These are excellentsources of high fiber and carbohydrates. Cereals and breads are energy-dense diet and low in saturated fat. In fact, they also contain vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds which are once again great for sustained energy release. Lastly, they create a feeling of fullness which keeps you from over-eating during labor.

Choose your foods depending on the stage of labor you are in – early or active. Along with right food, it is also important to enroll yourself in the best luxury hospital for women. The doctors and medical professionals will ensure highest quality care for a successful labor.

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