How to plan for retirement without compromising your present expenses


The previous generation was always worried about retirement planning. The majority of the population today underestimate its importance. Also, the definition of retirement has changed over the years. It’s not limited to only living off your pension. In fact, people now want to pursue their passion, start a business, etc. after retirement. In order to have a smooth post-retirement life, you must understand a few basics of how to plan for retirement before making any decision that affects your present lifestyle. We have put together a few points that can help you in your retirement planning.

  • Identify your expenses- Make a note of all the expenses that incur to support your everyday lifestyle. Prioritise them as per your requirement. Make a budget for everything. It’s easy to make a budget, the difficult part is to stick with it. Make sure that you do not cross your monthly limit and cut down on your extra expenses.
  • Contingency fund- Unplanned expenses can occur anytime and it may bring consequences with them. In order to avoid that, you can create a contingency fund. This fund can help you save your savings in case any medical or unexpected event takes place.
  • Make investments- Educate yourself about investment plans. Do not stick with low-risk investment plans only by thinking it will generate you higher returns. It may save you some money but would not grow your wealth. In order to increase your wealth, you must invest in multiple good plans such as equity instruments such as stocks, bonds, shares, etc. It is advised that you must know about the policy and market conditions so you can identify the policy that will benefit you in the long run.
  • Start as soon as you can- You must start early. You cannot wait or depend upon someone to show you the right path. You will be able to achieve more if you start investing early in your life. The power of compounding will provide you with the results. You can also determine the amount you need after retirement using the retirement planning calculator and invest accordingly.
  • Don’t touch your savings unnecessarily- You must avoid the habit of withdrawing a sum from your savings. Unless any unavoidable situation occurs, you must not touch your post retirement fund. Transfer your provident funds to your accounts when you change your job instead of withdrawing the amount. Even when you think you are going to withdraw a small amount from the funds, it has a huge effect on the entire amount.


By the time you reach your retirement age, you may have a lot of expenses such as the wedding of your children, a house loan to pay off, buying your dream car, etc. In order to achieve what you desire for a post retirement life, you must start planning right away. No, you do not have a lot of time to plan everything. Time goes by quickly and to improve the life of your loved ones or family members, start saving and investing as soon as possible.

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