Why health insurance needs to be a priority

Most achievements in our lives are due to the opportunities you explore. An essential factor to consider for undertaking any chance is your health. If you are not healthy, you lose out on many fronts. What can be worse is a shortage of finances to clear your medical bills. Today hospital bills can cause a more profound setback than the actual illness. In such times understanding the essence of health insurance, India is a must.

You can be proud of one thing: the Indian health system covers 1.3 billion potential beneficiaries, one of the largest. The health industry in India is growing rapidly. The growth also amounts to an increase in the cost of the services. Health insurance is a policy that protects the policyholder and their family against medical expenses that arise due to accidents, illness, or the diagnosis of severe disease.

Need for getting health insurance India

Enough stress on the importance of a healthy body can never be made. What helps us in making it healthy are frequent check-ups by the doctor. Availing decent healthcare facilities can cost a fortune; hence having a policy that backs your health check-ups can be cost-efficient. Some other advantages are-

  • Pre and post hospitalization coverage-Expenses that are incurred starting from the diagnosis until the release from the hospital are covered from the specific disease if you choose.
  • You can leave your worries and focus on recovery-Hospitalisations are scary. Even thinking about them can leave you trembling. Hence if you or your loved ones are suffering from an illness and need hospitalization, worrying about the bills should be the least stressful. Health insurance will ease that pain for you as it will cover the entire amount covered in your policy and focus on recovery.
  • Free health checkups-Health insurance India will usually also give you access to regular free checkups from the doctor. This will teach a good routine for healthy living habits. 
  • No claim advantage-A policyholder will get a discount or a bonus amount for each year that the insurance is not claimed. This feature can be available at the time of renewing your policy or increasing your sum amount. The bonus option has to be selected as “No claim benefit” and will offer you a discount on the premium.
  • Daily hospital cash-Hospitals have not just expensive treatment facilities, but even the food and traveling could be pricey. Health insurance provides you with a certain cash limit of up to 2000 INR for withdrawal to take care of those needs.

Factors to keep in mind while deciding on a Health Insurance Policy

It might not be so easy to narrow down choices when it comes to health insurance. The policies can get you caught up in a lot of wordplays. The following are the significant factors to consider for the same-

  • Hospitals on panel-You should check the list of hospitals thoroughly that are covered under the policy. If you have a preferable hospital, you should choose a policy that can cover.
  • Illnesses covered-Healthcare policies can have certain specific diseases that they cover. If you have known to have a family history or already have early-onset symptoms, you should ensure that the illness is covered.

Conclusion- Every individual should ensure they take care of their health and leave the worries of the finances involved in the insurance companies. Health insurance in India has a scope to expand a lot more and can promote healthier habits without the hospital scares.

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