Does a Health Insurance Policy Include All Medical Treatments and Ailments?

Health insurance does not differentiate – it is meant for everyone, and everyone should have a health insurance policy to protect themselves and their loved ones. Apart from the obvious benefit of having the financial aid to deal with exorbitant medical expenses, a health insurance plan can also help to beat the inflation of medical treatments cost. Talking about health insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other places in the UAE, it has some of the finest healthcare infrastructure in the world. You can find some of the best care and treatment options in the UAE which is exactly why so many people travel here to get various treatments done. Having said that, you must know what is covered and what is not covered under a health insurance policy.

What Does a Standard Health Insurance Policy Cover?

#1 Inpatient/Outpatient Treatments

Inpatient treatment refers to all the procedures that are carried out in the hospital and as soon as you have been admitted. Outpatient is the care and treatment done outside of the care of the hospital. A standard health insurance policy will generally offer coverage for both kinds of treatments.

#2 Emergency Cover

An emergency would be any life-threatening situation that would require immediate medical attention. During such situations, not everyone will be able to deal with the expenses by paying out of their pockets and that is where an emergency cover comes into play.

#3 Worldwide Cover

You can need medical assistance while travelling anywhere in the world. For this reason, it is always good to know that your health insurance policy offers worldwide coverage against any kind of medical/health emergencies when you are flying overseas.

#4 Annual Health Check-ups

There are many who like to get a full body check-up done once a year. This “annual physical” usually includes a health history, physical exams, and tests. Some of the tests included in the checkup can be expensive and for this reason, health insurance in Dubai offers cover for these check-ups.

What Does a Standard Health Insurance Policy Not Cover?

#1 Cosmetic Surgeries

Since cosmetic surgeries are elective surgeries, they are not covered under health insurance policies. Going one step forward, plastic surgeries too are not covered since they are not considered as vital medical procedures which can protect the life of an individual.

#2 Health Supplements

Most health insurance policies will not cover the cost of purchasing health supplements over the counter. You may get reimbursed if you have a pre-approved prescription from a doctor for health supplements that can treat your health.

#3 Fertility Treatments

Fertility treatments such as IVF are not generally covered by health insurance policiesmaternity is usually covered under most health insurance plans. It could have a waiting period, the duration is determined by the type of health insurance policy and the agreed terms

#4 Optical and Dental Treatments

Dental and optical treatments are not covered by health insurance policies because their procedures and treatments are very different. Unless you are having oral surgery or dealing with vision issues such as glaucoma or cataract, there is no cover for these.


There are numerous insurance companies in the market that can help you out with a health insurance policy. You should compare a few and then go for the one that is most sensible for you and your loved ones.

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