Cancer Insurance: A financial helping hand to face the disease

A courageous outlook perhaps, although seldom seen, this insurance is not only for those who HAVE cancer. It is a way to prepare for the godforsaken news, which could come to anyone, and at any time.

The knowledge that you have the disease, or the possibility of it sends chills down the spine. While healing yourself is your primary concern, somewhere you are also worried about the finances which you will require for the treatment. That’s when a cancer insurance plan comes into the picture.

It is designed to ensure that you have the required finances to get the best of cancer treatments. In this article, let’s see the benefits of a cancer plan. We will also look at the various reasons to consider buying a one.

What are the benefits of a cancer insurance plan?

It comes with a plethora of rolled-up benefits. These advantages may vary from insurance to insurance. Here are some of the standard benefits which this plan offers:

  • The insurance covers multiple stages of cancer.
  • Some percent of sum assured is based on the cancer stages.
  • It pays out monthly income for a specified number of years. However, this is subject to definite conditions, such as a major cancer diagnosis.
  • This plan typically offers a premium waiver benefit for the rest of the policy term in case you are diagnosed with Cancer.

How does this insurance help?

A cancer insurance plan takes care of you on the financial front. Many times, health insurance may not cover some costs associated with cancer treatment or certain conditions of cancer at different stages. Hence, health insurance solely cannot help you. A cancer plan takes care of your treatment costs, hospitalisation and more (depending on your plan).

Do you need this insurance?

You should consider buying a cancer insurance if:

  • There is a family history of cancer
  • You think that your environment or lifestyle could put you at a higher risk of developing cancer
  • You do not have adequate finances to pay massive medical bills
  • You are the sole breadwinner of the family

With the above information, it is safe to draw that this insurance could certainly come in handy help you get through the disease. Additionally, since the offerings of this plan could differ from company to company, it is important that you read through the terms and conditions carefully.

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