A few days of hospitalisation = Zero savings

Just a single hospital visit may wipe out months and years of diligent savings. It’s time to let a health insurance plan pay for your treatment.

The race of life teaches you to amass wealth for yourself and your loved ones. You have the foresight to save money for the future. And so, in the face of mounting expenses and competing demands on your income, you keep adding to your savings fund so that you are prepared for future emergencies.

It turns out to be an admirable decision. A sudden health emergency in the family occurs and you must pay the high costs of hospitalisation and treatment in a short span of time. You are thankful that you do not need to borrow money from anybody – your saved resources let you get medical treatment quickly. But then the severity of the event subsides and you realise – your savings are gone!

So months and years of savings are wiped out with just one hospital visit and subsequent treatment. What is your next step at this juncture? Do you start saving again and hope that you can build as big a savings fund as before? Or do you look for another way out of this situation?

We suggest that you take a health insurance plan.

Why take mediclaim or health insurance?

The thing about health insurance is that it seems like an unnecessary expense at first. But it assumes mammoth proportions when a medical emergency strikes. An emergency may arrive suddenly at any time, leaving you completely unprepared to deal with it. But a good health plan cares for the costs of hospitalisation, treatment, diagnosis, etc. In case the worst happens, it takes care of the family’s needs as well.

A mediclaim plan is your weapon against the high costs of treatment and hospitalisation in India. You can carry on creating your savings fund, only now you have the freedom to use your savings the way you deem fit instead of diverting the money towards health care.

Taking a health insurance policy when you don’t need it will help you when you do! Your place of employment may provide you with health insurance, but it is better to buy a family mediclaim plan so that you or your loved ones receive timely medical care without worrying about the costs.

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